Slam Dunk: New teaser would mean continuation of the original series | EarthGamer

Even though the movie of Slam Dunk It was barely announced and that the data on her are scarce, a new teaser illustrated by the original author gives us a better idea of ​​what this long-awaited story could tell us.

First of all, the trailer shows us a bit of the staff involved in the project: character design, direction, special effects, CGI and more. Then, from the center, a sketch of the Shohoku team appears, but with a very special detail.

That sketch that shows us Shohoku would give us to understand that this movie of Slam Dunk would continue the anime story of the 90s, which reached the manga and no longer continued. At the time, many hoped that it would precisely be in a movie or OVAs the continuation, but this never happened.

Slam Dunk

This detail is very special for fans since the remaining bow of Slam Dunk is considered, by many, as the exciting and emotional of the entire original story of Takehiko Inoue. Even, with a bit of luck, we could have this part in the manga that is published in Mexico.

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Slam Dunk: What we’d like to see in the movie

As we already told you, Slam Dunk will have a movie that will be released in the fall of 2022. If the design that appears in this first trailer is the basis of the film, then we can see beyond what was not released in the anime of the 90s.

For those who do not know, the anime of Slam Dunk it only covered state tournaments. From there, the winners would advance to the national, the goal of Shohoku High School. All this we did not see in the series and perhaps the film covers this entire arc, being the only feature film ‘canon’.

This would be an extraordinary opportunity for fans to get excited again with those matches that they did not see in animation, but did in the manga. Are you excited about the new movie in this manga? Follow the conversation through our Discord.