Sitges 2022 winners: Ti West and Mia Goth consecrate themselves with ‘Pearl’ (and ‘Sisu’ sweeps away)

In just one year, Ti West has returned to horror in style with two films, after having stood out with The devil’s house. X premiered in theaters a matter of months ago, but the filmmaker had time to enter the Official Section of the Sitges Festival with its unexpected prequel. Pearl focuses on the character’s origins mia goth, dreaming of fame while trapped on a farm, and has caused enough of a stir in the 55th edition of this festival to sneak into his record twice. A) Yes, Pearl He has given the award for Best Actress to Goth, while West obtained the corresponding one for Best Direction.

It has not been, however, the great winner of the contest. This honor has gone to sisuan intense Finnish-produced war film that he directs and writes Jalmari Helander. The film narrates how an ex-soldier discovers a treasure in the Lapland desert, and as he tries to take it away, he is persecuted by a Nazi commando. sisu has given the award for Best Actor to said ex-soldier, played by jorma tommila, in parallel to winning Best Music and Best Photography. Recognition for the screenplay went to Quentin Dupieux twice, in smoking causes cough and Incredible but true.

You can read the full list of awards below.

Best film: sisu by Jalmari Helander

Best address: Ti West by Pearl

Special Jury Prize: Project Wolf Hunting by Kim Hong Sun

Midnight X-treme Audience Award: Sissy by Kane Senes and Hannah Barlow

Best Actor: Jorma Tommila by sisu

Best actress: Mia Goth by Pearl

Best screenplay: Quentin Dupieux by smoking causes cough and Incredible but true (ex-aequo)

Best Photography: Kjell Lagerroos by sisu

Best music: Juri Seppä and Tuomas Wäinölä for sisu

Best special effects: Irati Y Ego (ex-aequo)

Special mentions: Project Wolf Hunting (by best sound mix, best montage Y best choreography) Y Nightsiren (for the interpretations of Natalia Germani and Eva Mores)

Focus Asia Audience Award: The Roundup by Lee Sang-yong

Best short film: The Newt Congress by Matthias Sahli and Immanuel Esser

Silver Méliès for the best fantasy European short film: Alex’s machine by Mael Le Mée

Silver Méliès for Best Fantasy Film: Nightsiren by Tereza Nvotova

New Visions

Best Movie Noves Visions: The attachment of Valentin Javier Diment

Best address: Martika Ramirez Escobar by Eleanor will never die and Gisèle Vienne for jerk

Movie Mention: 2551.01 by Norbert Pfaffenbichler

Best Short Noves Visions Petit Format: flashback before death by Rii Ishihara and Hiroyuki Onogawa

Critic’s Jury

José Luis Guarner Critics Award: Something in the Dirt by Aaron Moorehead and Justin Benson

Citizen Kane Award for Outstanding Directing: Michelle Garza by bone basket

Youth card

Youth Card Jury Award: Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon by Ana Lily Amirpour

Best Animated Feature Film Award: Dash Shaw’s Cryptozoo

Best Animated Short Film Award: Other Half by Lina Kalcheva

Paul Naschy Brigadier Award: Unheimlich by Fabio Colonna

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Sitges 2022 winners: Ti West and Mia Goth consecrate themselves with ‘Pearl’ (and ‘Sisu’ sweeps away)