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It’s been a while since Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings hit theaters – 95%, a Marvel Studios film that did not do spectacular numbers at the global box office but that did function as a solid product of superhero-based entertainment. We don’t know much about the sequel and it seems that we won’t do it for a long time. Simu Liu, star of the movie, reveals in Thread that the second part has been seriously delayed and that he can’t do anything about it.

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The first tape presents us with the story of a young man named Shang-Chi, who has lived a normal life far from his family past. However, when the past comes back to confront him, he is forced to face his family’s secrets and discover his true legacy. As he faces challenges from both within and without, Shang-Chi must learn to master his combat skills and unleash his potential to become the hero the world needs. The film takes place in an environment full of action, adventure and fantasy elements, providing an exciting new story within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Released in September 2021, Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings grossed $432 million globally, a fairly low number by Marvel Studios standards but relatively understandable given that it was a new superhero to the MCU played by a very unknown actor in the Hollywood industry who was given the great opportunity of his career with that project. Almost two years have passed since the release and there is still no word on the sequel; the actor opened a question thread on the new social network Threads and one of his fans asked about the status of shangchi 2This was his response:

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I was told it would arrive after Avengers: Kang Dynasty, but it keeps getting delayed due to circumstances beyond my control. I hope to have more concrete news soon.

In the Marvel comics, shang chi is a character that was introduced in the 1970s as the Kung Fu Master. He is the son of Fu Manchu, a legendary villain, and was trained from a young age in martial arts by his father to become a deadly weapon. However, as Shang-Chi ventures out into the world and discovers the true evil nature of his father, she decides to rebel against him and use his abilities to fight for justice instead of evil. Shang-Chi becomes a champion of good, a hero without equal in the mastery of martial arts, joining other characters from the Marvel Universe in numerous adventures and epic battles against threats both earthly and supernatural. His story encompasses themes of redemption, honor, identity, and the struggle between good and evil.

One of the most notable changes in the film is the incorporation of fantastic and mystical elements inspired by Chinese mythology, such as the Ten Rings, which in the comics were technological objects, but in the film they possess supernatural powers. In addition, new characters and relationships are introduced, such as the addition of Xialing, Shang-Chi’s sister, as a major character. In addition, the family aspects and cultural roots of Shang-Chi are further explored, and issues of identity, tradition, and legacy are addressed. These changes enrich the character’s story and give it a new dimension, fitting it into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and narrative in exciting and fresh ways.

Marvel has created an interconnected cinematic universe that has captured the attention of moviegoers by delivering a sprawling and exciting narrative that unfolds across multiple films and characters. He has skillfully managed to balance action and entertainment with well-developed and charismatic characters, which has generated a strong emotional connection with the audience. Marvel Studios films have demonstrated impressive technical mastery, with cutting-edge visual effects and exciting action sequences. The company has been able to satisfy both comic book fans and new audiences by incorporating elements from different genres such as comedy, science fiction and drama, creating accessible and engaging films for a wide range of viewers.

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Simu Liu announces delay of Shang-Chi 2, originally going to be released after Avengers: Kang Dynasty | tomatoes