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Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings – 95% It is out now in theaters and Marvel fans are delighted. The company releases the second film of its new phase after a long wait and presents us with the first great Avenger of Asian origin. Simu Liu, star of the film, is proud to represent his community in the United States and hopes that the MCU will soon do so with Mexicans and the rest of Latinos. Through Reddit, the 32-year-old actor talks about the importance of diversity in superhero cinema.

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Marvel Studios has long been committed to representing its audience on the big screen, developing adventures in which everyone can see themselves captured. Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings It works like the proposal that will unite the Asian-American community in one place, introducing a completely new character in theaters who will surprise us with his skills for hand-to-hand combat. But it is clear that Shang-Chi it is just the beginning of a new era.

During a recent question and answer session at Reddit, the user Inevitable_golf_2016 congratulated Phone for its role in Shang-Chi and admitted to waiting for the development and presentation of a movie starring a Mexican superhero in the MCU:

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As a Hispanic, I am incredibly proud of you, especially for how you represent yourself and your Asian brothers and sisters. I hope Kevin Feige is working on a Mexican superhero movie. I wish them the best and in all their future film roles.

On several occasions, Simu Liu He has spoken about how important representation in film and television is to him. The actor considers it vitally necessary to make the voices of his Asian friends and colleagues heard, that is why Shang-Chi it has become a dream project for him. In your response to the user of Reddit talks about the possible success of his film, and how it can be the boost that other communities need to see themselves represented in future Marvel Studios films:

One thing I hope will emerge from the (hopeful) success of this project is the understanding that all communities deserve to be represented in the superhero space. Superheroes represent the best of humanity, in strength of character and morality. They inspire hope and endless possibilities. Once you see yourself reflected in that, you believe that anything is possible.

Simu Liu shared the interaction on his Instagram stories:

Shang Chi Simu Liu wants the success of the film to

Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings It appears on the billboard with an elegant delay produced by the global health crisis that is not over yet. After some time reflecting, Marvel Studios came to the conclusion of releasing the film only in theaters and not on Disney Plus as it did with Black Widow – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos87%. The company wants to measure the reach of its new tape without the need for streaming, which will be an interesting thing to watch.

One of the following Marvel Studios movies is Spider-Man: No Way Home, probably the most anticipated of the year in terms of super produced cinema. Fans are eager to see Peter Parker’s return to the big screen in an event that could forever mark the MCU; Let’s remember that the rumors surrounding this movie are the order of the day, which makes us think about the enormous possibilities regarding several Spider-Men gathered in the same movie.

Do you already have your tickets to see Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings this weekend? Spider-Man: No Way Home opens on December 17.

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