Series and movies based on Harlan Coben that you should see if you liked “The innocent”

”, A Spanish Netflix series starring Mario Casas, Aura Garrido, Alexandra Jiménez and José Coronado, has managed to conquer the public and also part of the critics, due to its history, its performances and the twists in its plot.

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The fiction based on the novel of the same name by Harlan Coben follows Mateo Vidal, who after four years in prison for an accidental homicide tries to recover his life, but some strange videos of his wife and the death of an alleged nun start to a nightmare for Matt.

For viewers looking for productions similar to “”, shared a small list with series and films adapted from the works of Harlan Coben that you must see if you liked the Spanish series.

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”(“ The Stranger ”in its original language) is a British suspense and mystery miniseries. The fiction tells the story of Adam Price, a man who leads an idyllic life alongside his wife Corinne and their two children. But his happiness will end when a stranger reveals a secret about his wife.

The mysterious woman reveals that Corinne faked her first pregnancy and baby loss to force him to stay with her. Adam, does not understand the intentions of the stranger, but in the same way confronts his wife, who shortly after their discussion disappears.

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Series and movies based on Harlan Coben that you should


According to the synopsis of “”, The evidence found in the body of a homicide victim gives hope to a prosecutor that his sister, who has been missing for 25 years, could be alive.

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This is Harlan Coben’s first adaptation. According to the synopsis of “”Dr. Alex Beck lies unconscious as his wife and childhood sweetheart Margot is brutally murdered. Eight years later, Alex still hasn’t gotten over what happened. One day she receives an anonymous email with a link showing Margot’s live image in a crowd. Alex then goes on a frantic chase to discover the truth.

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”Is a French television series starring Alexandra Lamy and Pascal Elbé, which came out aired on TF1 since October 15, 2015, and consists of six episodes. The fiction follows Dr. Alice Lambert, who wakes up a week after a deep coma. She discovers that her husband Laurent has been murdered, and that their six-month-old daughter, Tara, has disappeared.

With the help of her best friend Louis (Lionel Abelanski) and anti-corruption squad cop Richard (Pascal Elbé), Alice tries to find her daughter’s kidnappers, and get Tara back safely.

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