Serials attention: The Cuphead Show, The Witcher and the new Resident Evil movie will be present at Netflix’s Geeked Week

Netflix does not stitch without thread: just a few days after the epic conclusion of the animated castlevania, the streaming video giant will begin rolling out its next animation projects. Many of which, by the way, will be based on video game hits. And nothing like a great event to give them their deserved prominence.

Between June 7 and 11 (on the eve of E3 2021, by the way) Netflix will hold the Geeked Week, four days of announcements, surprises, news and first glimpses of highly anticipated series and films, as well as parallel content such as comics and productions gaming. Being confirmed, by the way, a first preview of what will be The Cuphead Show.

As we mentioned, not everything presented will revolve around video games, although there are many reasons to follow the event closely: the new animated project of the Masters of the Universe, the series of Cowboy Beebop or Stranger things (which, everything is said, have gone through consoles or mobiles), stand out among the confirmed content.

Geeked Week Announcement Poster A 4 5

And what about the world of video games? Netflix anticipates that we will see news about The witcher, whose second season already it’s shot, Y Resident Evil.

And seeing the look of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, whose trailer you can see just below, and based on its launch is scheduled for july, we have to be very optimistic.

Currently, Netflix has a huge number of series and movies based on or closely linked to video games in production, including an animated production of The witcher, a new sonic animation or adaptations of sagas and games of the caliber of Assassin’s creed, tomb Raider or League of Legends.

Not to mention, of course, the more than interesting Netflix agreement with Sony and Playstation Studios. An alliance that will ensure subscribers the arrival of Nathan Drake to its already huge catalog of movies and series.

In other words, if there is a perfect moment to capture video game enthusiasts, that will be the Geeked week. And the best part is that it will take place in just a few weeks. On Extra Life we will be attentive to what is cooked.