Selma Blair recounts her daily life with multiple sclerosis in a documentary: “I have given life a second chance”

“Sorry, I can’t speak right now. We are filming the last days of my life ”. This is how forceful Selma Blair is at the beginning of the documentary trailer Introducing Selma Blair (Presentando a Selma Blair), which will be released this Friday in US theaters, and in which the 49-year-old actress shows openly what her life with multiple sclerosis is like. A project of which only a few images have transcended so far and in which Blair makes such moving affirmations as being told “to make plans to die”, but in which she also sends a message of optimism. “I’ve given life a second chance,” he says. The story also tells of the stem cell transplant he underwent in 2019 and, as he said in an interview with The New York Times, reflects his “human condition”. “Everyone has theirs,” he adds, “but I think we bond with feeling alone or scared when we experience a great change in our lives. This was not a vanity project at all, and I love vanity. “

Beyond the difficulties Blair has faced since was diagnosed with the disease in 2018, the actress of movies like Cruel intentions O A very legal blonde assures that then, the conclusion of the doctors confirmed that he had suffered for light years from gas – a form of manipulation that consists of making the other believe that the reality he lives is false – by doctors who simply assumed that his case was “That of another actress, mother and exhausted woman after enduring years of barely existing in a body plagued with unexplained pain, fatigue and self-doubt”, according to the newspaper Detroit Metro Times, to whom he has also granted an interview. Already in an appearance in 2019 on the show Good morning America (Good morning america), the American claimed to have felt ignored. “The doctors didn’t take me seriously, just: ‘Single mom, you’re exhausted, financial burden, blah blah blah …,’ she declared.

In the conversation in The New York Times, the journalist of the newspaper reflects how the actress can barely maintain a dialogue for more than half an hour as a result of the autoimmune disease that, as is reflected in the documentary, also prevents her from walking normally. In fact, it is common to see the interpreter in her social networks always posing with a cane. In a sample of her steps towards recovery, a few weeks ago, the actress of Hellboy shared a video on his profile – with more than two and a half million followers – in which he could be seen riding a horse. “I did it. I have stayed still and riding. A great achievement. Really proud to be recovering, learning and concentrating, ”she wrote then.

In addition to hoping that her testimony will help others in her situation, the recording has also been a means for Blair to get to know herself and find out to what extent her way of being has been shaped by the disease. She recalls, for example, how at just seven years old she wondered why she was experiencing pain, fatigue, and constant mood swings, symptoms that worsened as she reached adulthood, and especially after giving birth to her son Arthur in 2011. who can also be seen in the audiovisual project in especially moving scenes, such as shaving his mother’s hair. Arthur, who is now 10 years old, was in fact one of the main engines for Blair’s decision to embark on filming the story. “She would say, ‘God forbid, if I don’t make it, Arthur will have a video diary of what I went through. You never have to wonder if I gave up. You will know that I fought a lot to be by your side ”, unveils the co-star in Sex Games and Blair’s friend, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

The film, which will also be available from the 21st of this month on Discovery +, has been directed by Rachel Fleit, who suffers from universal alopecia, an autoimmune disease that, as the filmmaker also tells in The New York TimesIt made her feel a “particular connection” to Blair as the recording progressed. Fleit claims that she did not exercise any editorial control over the project and that she fully agreed to “show the world what really happened.”

When she received the diagnosis, it was Blair herself who used her social networks to make public that she suffered from the disease in a sincere Instagram post in which she said that she was “incapacitated”, that she sometimes fell and “dropped things.” “I want to play with my son again. I want to walk down the street and ride my horse. I have multiple sclerosis and I am fine. But if you see me dumping all my things on the street, feel free to help me pick them up. It takes me a whole day by myself ”, she was sincere in that message.

Despite her illness, Blair assures that she wants to continue working as an actress and that if there is a perception that she has stopped doing it, it is because since she received her diagnosis, the characters they offer are of an old woman, a person in a wheelchair or “that collides against the walls ”. Blair’s disease is currently in “remission,” which in his own words means there is “no chance” that the disease will “get worse.” And that is huge. That allows you to breathe ”.

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