Scarlett Johansson wanted to play 2 other Marvel Studios characters

Actress Scarlett Johansson will always be remembered for being Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow at Marvel Studios, but everything could have been different.

In 2010 the film of Iron Man 2 where we could see for the first time Scarlett Johansson What Black widow, she was a agente de SHIELD that closely watched Tony Stark. He then joins the Avengers and ends up sacrificing himself to get the Soul Gem. So your story on Marvel Studios It has been intense, although we now know that it could have been very different.

There are other actresses who almost play Black widow What Natalie Portman, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba and the one that was closest to achieving it was Emily Blunt. But the role fell on Scarlett Johansson, although curiously she wanted to play two other characters.

In the new book of the saga titled The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe, the actress Scarlett Johansson has revealed that: «I mentioned some of the characters that I had investigated and that I thought might have some space in the universe ». Those other options were the wasp and Blonde Phantom (Louise Grant Mason). Two good options, but it must be recognized that as a Black Widow it has worked very well, so all parts were right.

How would these two characters have fitted into the saga?

As we already know, la Avispa / Hope Van Dyne debuted in Ant-Man (2015) played by Evangeline Lilly. This is a character that has had much less travel and importance in Marvel Studios that Black widow from Scarlett Johansson. But now he will return for the third installment entitled Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023).

While with Blonde Phantom, the thing would have been quite similar. Since it is about a secretary called Louise Grant Mason who takes off her glasses and lets her hair down to become a masked superhero. She does not have superhuman powers, but instead has hand-to-hand and hand-to-hand combat abilities. So only the difference of Black widow that hides his face in order to have a normal life and a superheroic alter ego. Besides that he hadn’t had such a dark past.

Would you have liked to see Scarlett Johansson as the Wasp or Blonde Phantom? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section. All the films in which the actress has participated can be seen in the Disney Plus streaming platform.

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Scarlett Johansson wanted to play 2 other Marvel Studios characters