June 30, 2021

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Santiago Segura: “It would be good to do a Torrente 6 bitter about the Spain you are seeing”

Santiago Segura It would be good to do a Torrente

Santiago Segura does not run the movies in the family. Remember that in his house nobody was dedicated to the cinema, not even in his neighborhood of Carabanchel (Madrid). The closest thing he had to the cinema was his father’s uncle who was an usher and sneaked them in to see free movies.

Remember that your passion for the screen began when a classmate showed him the shorts he made. That served as his first inspiration and he went to the Rastro de Madrid to buy a video camera that then cost him 900 pesetas.

From there he undertook a relationship with the audiovisual world that started with small shorts. Remember that to finance his first jobs he resorted to television contests. He thought about the contestant profile he liked and became him: “He made someone ‘pitagorín’ or more macarrilla depending on what was needed, “he says. It was thanks to the money he won in contests that he was able to finance his first short.

Also from its beginnings it saves a funny anecdote with the director Pedro Almodóvar. Segura attended many shootings as an extra, one of them that of one of the Manchego films. He says that he was in the front row and Almodóvar asked his assistant to put him in the back: “The fat man is in the background,” he recalls.

“I financed my first short thanks to what I won in television competitions”

From then on, Segura started in movie theaters until he became the director he is today. For many, Santiago Segura will always be ‘Torrente’s father’, one of his most irreverent and fun characters. He does not rule out recording a sixth Torrente film. “An old Torrente totally bitter with the Spain that he is seeing would be good,” he points out.

“In the filming I am not a hard-core director, if you scream the next day you have to come back”

Safe is actor, director, producer and even publicist of his own movies. He claims that he cares about the box office but is happy that people laugh at his films. “If there is no humor, it is like the movie is missing something”, maintains the filmmaker.

In their filming is not recognized as “a cañero director“:” I like to create a good atmosphere in the team, when you scream the next day you have to come back, “he jokes. Santiago Segura debuts his film ‘A todo tren. Destino Asturias’ next July 9 in cinemas. The film tells the story of a father and a grandfather who offer to accompany a group of children to a camp on the train. At the beginning of that trip there is a crazy mishap that will make the children live a very fun and unforgettable trip.

You can see the full interview with Santiago Segura in Public Mirror through Atresplayer.