Santa Claus will debut in this Marvel movie (SPOILER)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will present Santa Claus (Papa Noel, Viejito Pascuero or San Nicolás).

Attention SPOILERS. Director James Gunn is preparing a Christmas movie of the Guardians of the Galaxy which can be seen at the end of this year in Disney Plusbut the most interesting thing is that the heroes of Marvel they will meet santa claus. At least that is what we have known from the official merchandise.

First we must remember that the last time we saw the version of Gamora of 2014 was on Earth after the battle against Thanos. That is why a few months ago some photos of the filming of this Christmas special by Marvel where the action will take place on our planet. In fact, we must not rule out that we can even see the actor kevin bacon interpreting itself. Now, thanks to the filtered list of Funko Popswe can check how Gamora will be in this Christmas special, but there will be another surprise guest, it will be santa claus.

After knowing this information, two theories arise.

In the comics of Marvel have we ever seen santa clausin fact it is believed that it is a mutant and has been crossed with she hulk, spider-man either howard the ducka character you have used James Gunn in both of his movies. Therefore, the Guardians of the Galaxy they could join him on an epic adventure.

The second option is that star lord told them stories of santa claus to the rest of guardians and when Drax Y Mantis They travel to Earth and see a man dressed as the cute Christmas character, they confuse him with the powerful being that is capable of traveling the world in 24 hours and can transform his body to enter the houses of others to leave a present. Which would create a funny situation that Funko Pop can not miss to sell figures.

We will know everything Marvel has prepared for this special Christmas movie of the Guardians of the Galaxy when it opens in Disney Plus.

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Santa Claus will debut in this Marvel movie (SPOILER)