Sam Neill, actor of ‘Jurassic Park’, and his fight against cancer: “I’m probably dying”

Sam Neill, famous Jurassic Park actor, presented his book “Did I Ever Tell You This?” (“Have I ever told you this?” in Spanish), in which he shared shocking revelations that left his fans shocked. Among them, he mentioned that he has been fighting lymphatic cancer in stage 3 of it.

“The thing is, I’m wrong. I may be dying.” wrote the 75-year-old actor, who indicated that he must carry out his activities in a hurry due to his illness.

Sam Neill and his fight against cancer

While filming “Jurassic World: Dominion,” Sam Neill received chemotherapy treatment due to his diagnosis of angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma, a type of cancer that affects the bone marrow, lymph nodes, and liver.

“I can’t pretend that the last year hasn’t had its dark moments. Those dark moments cast the light in a clear glow, you know, and have made me grateful for each day and immensely grateful for all my friends. Just glad to be alive.” Neil expressed.

The book written by the New Zealand actor was a kind of therapy for him while he was undergoing cancer treatment. He mentioned that, having nothing to do and being deprived of the daily human company and friendship that he enjoyed, he decided to write

“I have nothing to do. I love working. I love being with people every day and enjoying human company and friendship and all that stuff. And suddenly I was deprived of it. And I thought: ‘what am I going to do?’”, Indian.

Actually, Sam Neill confessed that writing his book was an activity that helped him cope with his illness, he even went so far as to affirm that it “saved his life”: “I never had any intention of writing a book. But as I kept going and writing, I realized that he was actually giving me a kind of reason to live and I would go to bed thinking, ‘Tomorrow I’ll write about it… that will entertain me.’”


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Sam Neill, actor of ‘Jurassic Park’, and his fight against cancer: “I’m probably dying”