Salma Hayek lowers the top and shows off enormous charms on film

One of the characterizations of the actress Salma Hayek that have most impacted the public was when she starred in the film ‘Bliss’, better known as ‘Dicha’ due to its title in Spanish, because far from wearing the glamorous look that we are used to, she said goodbye in luxury to get into the role of a wanderer

Isabel is the name of her unforgettable character, which accompanies Greg, played by actor Owen Wilson, in a series of adventures in search of a meaning for life. The film was released on February 5, 2021 and gave us some of the most unforgettable scenes of the talented Mexican artist.

Through the social networks the best moments of ‘Bliss’ have been rescued, including a special scene in which Salma Hayek gave a glimpse of her flashy charms by leaning out of a car window. Although the original intention of the shot was not this, his fans ended up “melting”.

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Jarocha fan pages are always looking for those scenes in which their favorite celebrity can show off their qualities, whether physical or as an actress, to share them with the world. For this reason, they did not hesitate to make a short video where the exact moment when she adjusts her top and reveals more than expected can be seen in slow motion.

Salma Hayek lowers the top and shows off enormous charms on film. Source: Instagram


Despite its shabby appearance Salma Hayek In the film, her beauty was not threatened, keeping intact between the makeup that simulates dirt all over her body or her tangled hair, the Mexican kept the charm that has put the entire planet at her feet.

Although the critics were not amazed by the film, her fans did applaud the interpretation of the Veracruz, because she managed with her dialogues to challenge all the concepts with which reality is conceived. Also, of course, taking her mature beauty to another level by characterizing her so complexly.

In the comments section the fans of Salma Hayek They were leaving a series of messages to flatter not only their physique, but also all the talent wasted within the recording set.

“ARAB ANGEL BEAUTY”, “Nice!! I love it every time you do it. I’ve seen the video over and over again!”, “Beautiful and beautiful love”, “I absolutely love her voice”, “Beautiful, very tasty “,” Wow I love the way you look”, “Clearly I need to see more of his movies!”, “If I catch you I’ll devour all my love!”, were some of the comments.

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Salma Hayek lowers the top and shows off enormous charms on film