Salma Hayek cried when she first donned her costume in ‘Eternals’

Even though the new Marvel Studios superhero movie has been involved in a great controversy before its premiere due to its ban in some countries and a poor reception from the specialized press, the truth is that it is working surprisingly well at the box office level and it has even helped many people around the world become interested in it Sign language thanks to Makkari character (Lauren Ridloff). In fact, Eternals is considered an achievement for Salma Hayek, the actress of Mexican origin who plays Ajak, who reveals in an interview for Despierta America that he cried after putting on his suit.

When I put it on, I started crying. Not like in soap operas, but the tears came to me and I said ‘What happened here?’ The image gave me something and I said ‘Why?’ “, Expressed Hayek recalling his emotional first reaction when putting on the superhero costume.” I saw my brown face … I saw my brown face in the superhero costume and when I saw my face I saw your face I saw my child’s face that it took so much courage to dream big. I saw the faces of all the girls and realized that a door had been opened through which I did not enter alone, but rather Inside that suit go all Latinos who have waited so long for this moment“, explained the actress hesitating and on the verge of tears.

The actress had been waiting for her chance for years

These statements by Hayek are not new, and it is that the actress highlighted a few months ago that was very flattered by his participation in Eternals. Not so much for the fact of playing a superhero, which also, but the deep meaning that the fact that a 50 year old mexican woman I can play a superhero on the big screen. We are very happy for her, especially considering that she was suffering a great discrimination by several Hollywood directors and producers who They did not trust her talent and she was worth as an actress.

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Salma Hayek cried when she first donned her costume in ‘Eternals’