Ryan Reynolds shows ‘his training’ for Free Guy

By Chris Hemsworth con his massive training to Thor: Love & Thunder, ni Dwayne Johnson showing off muscles in the back by Black Adam. Here the one who knows how to train thoroughly for a movie is him: Ryan Reynolds. Or more or less. The point is that Free Guy It opens in Spanish theaters on August 18, and Reynolds wanted to explain how much he has been pounded in the gym to play Dude, another character that he plays in the Shawn Levy film. Judge for yourself:

Dude, Ryan Reynolds’s hunk

We know what you are thinking. “The envious will say it’s CGI”. Sure … Well, yeah. It’s true. It is CGI. But it’s still a lot of fun to hear Reynolds parody those actors who go through huge training sessions to get into their roles. We already know that the actor has a particular sense of humor, which luckily his wife Blake Lively shares (which leaves us very funny moments in social networks).

Reynolds himself also shows us the step by step that he has followed to strengthen his body and offer us these views: without going any further, each morning he prepares “a protein bomb” made from human muscles (don’t worry, it’s completely organic and legal). “To act is to put the mind over the matter. And to judge. And common sense,” he speaks while hypnotizing us by moving his pectorals.

You say it’s CGI and … yes, it’s CGI

In addition, the actor has pointed out that he no longer fits into the Deadpool costume. But don’t worry: it seems that Reynolds has already been pulling strings to shape the third installment of the film, judging by the clues that has been leaving in their profiles. As a last anecdote, he says that because of being so muscular his youngest daughter was born directly adult “and with shoes” … which, he says, was very strange for Lively.

Anyway, leaving aside this madness, we remind you that Free Guy hits theaters in Spain this coming August 18. Jodie Comer, Lil Rel Howery, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Joe Keery and Taika Waititi join Reynolds in the cast; you can take a look at their characters and their respective psters.