Ryan Reynolds Gives Good News About Dragon’s Lair Movie

Actor Ryan Reynolds signed on to make the adaptation of the legendary video game Dragon’s Lair and now we have great news.

2 years ago it was confirmed that Ryan Reynolds will star Dragon’s Lair for Netflix, but since then we have had little news about the project. Luckily, it seems that they have not abandoned that idea and it will pass at some point, but it is clear that he is one of the busiest Hollywood stars of the moment. Also, he is now totally focused on doing Dead Pool 3one of the most anticipated movies of Marvel Studios.

In a recent interview with Colliderthe actor Ryan Reynolds updated the situation Dragon’s Lair.

“I can say that Netflix has approached Dragon’s Lair with a spirit of partnership that I have never seen before. They’re picking up the pace with him. How we’re approaching it and attacking it and what we’re doing with it, I think is going to be pretty surprising to a lot of people. In scope I mean. And I’m not sure, but I don’t think anyone has tried it before. So I’m curious to see how it’s going to go. It really intersects in a unique way with technology that I’ve never been aware of in the entertainment industry. So they’re taking some sort of pretty innovative attempt at this particular IP in a way that surprises me. And I’m excited that they’re as willing to be on the journey as we are.”

Will we be able to make decisions about the story?

Ryan Reynolds revealed that Dragon’s Lair It is more than just a movie.

“It’s a living, breathing thing and not just a piece of entertainment you watch.”

Currently Netflix is branching out into games and experimenting with storytelling as with Bandersnatch and they may do something similar in Dragon’s Lair. Which could mean that viewers can make decisions about what will happen to the character of Ryan Reynolds.

Production company Maximum Effort will produce the film, with Roy Lee from Vertigo Entertainment and Trevor Engelson from Underground Films. The legendary animator, director and producer of the original game, Don Bluthis also on board to produce and share directing duties with Gary Goldman. Jon Pomeroy makes up the list of producers of the film. Dan and Kevin Hageman are chosen to write the script, and are best known for their recent work on Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark, as well as having story credit for The LEGO Movie. While Ryan Reynolds will play Dirk the Fearless.

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Ryan Reynolds Gives Good News About Dragon’s Lair Movie