Russell Crowe’s great response to his meme as the father of Superman, Hercules and Kraven The Hunter

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Russell Crowe will play the relentless father of Sergei Kravinof in Kraven The Hunterwhich will hit theaters next October 6. and after him first trailer of the filmthe third in which the actor gives life to the father of the protagonist in a superhero movie, the actor has become meme meat. Something to which he has reacted in the best possible way, alluding to his career as a progenitor of famous offspring on the big screen.

Not long ago, followers of superhero movies viralized a Crowe meme on social media in which the actor appears as the Kal-El’s father in Man of Steel the one with the demigod Hercules in Thor: Love and Thunder and now, that of Sergei Kravinoff in the new film of the Spider-Man Universe: Kraven The Hunter. Showing off a great sense of humor, the New Zealand actor wanted to answer fans why He is the progenitor of three of the most powerful characters They exist in the comics.

Thus, Crowe, who quoted the tweet from his meme, responded as follows on his Twitter account: “Fertility through space and timeFans found the actor’s response so amusing that they started interacting with him by dedicating some really witty pearls to him.

Go more vigorous swimmers, friend“quoted a fan of the actor.

“What did you expect from Maximus Decimus Meridius? As commander of the Armies of the North and coming from Spain, it is very likely that these are his children. Now if I did a Gladiators 2 from his time in Spain to the final battle, Maximus would become the greatest fictional character of all time.“, says the tweet of another Internet user.

Russell Crowe shutting down Twitter after this“, says a follower of the actor, who in real life is the father of two teenage children, Charles Spencer Crowe and Tennyson Spencer Crowe.

“Russell Crowe has become that progenitor!!!I’m a little jealous that it’s not my father ??!!! #superman #hercules #KravenTheHunter”, cries a fan of the New Zealand interpreter.

The Ultimate Comic Book Dad @RussellCrowe“comments a tweeter.

This has made me laugh. Thanks Russell,” says another netizen who was not expecting Crowe’s amusing response to his meme.

A legendary tweet from a legendary actor“comments a fan of the actor praising him.

And they said that Pedro Pascal was the father of Hollywood“, comments with hilarious sharpness another user.

I expected no less from General Máximo“, alludes a Crowe fan in reference to the role of the actor in Gladiator, with which he won the applause of critics and the public.

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Russell Crowe’s great response to his meme as the father of Superman, Hercules and Kraven The Hunter