Rumor: Does Letitia Wright not want to return to the MCU?

Rumors claim that Letitia Wright does not want to return to the Black Panther film set because she is not willing to get vaccinated

Letitia Wright and his controversial anti-vaccination comments have become a major talking point in the production of Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverEven new reports indicate that the actress no longer wants to return to film because she still refuses to be vaccinated.

It all started when Wright suffered an injury on the set of the film and the production of Black Panther 2 has been suspended until 2022 while recovering. The producers of the project Kevin Feige, Louis D’Esposito Y Nate Moore they sent a statement where they explained that the actress’s health was the more important At this time, and as it would have an extremely important role in the film, production could not advance at the pace they wanted.

However, since the actress shared information on social networks questioning the validity of vaccines, It has been rumored that another reason they have had so many conflicts with their production schedule is because Wright He has not yet received the coronavirus vaccine.

The rumors increased today, as an alleged internal source within the Marvel production mentioned to the speculation site Giant Freaking Robot that Letitia Wright supposedly does not want to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe because she is not willing to receive the vaccine.

This is complicated by the sanitary measures that have been imposed through all hollywood, where they ask for a proof of vaccination to be able to enter the production of film projects. Given this, at the end of July, Disney issued a statement where he pointed out that all the salaried and non-unionized employees of the company in the United States should be vaccinated against COVID-19 giving a term of 60 days to comply with the rule.

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However, it is said that the mandate did not apply to Black Panther 2 because it was already underway and will only be applied in future productions of Marvel, so in theory Wright would not be required to be vaccinated to be able to follow the production. However, that would greatly affect the workflow inside the set, because the subject of vaccines is still highly controversial and polarizing in United States.

The film journalist Grace Randolph seems to confirm the fact that Wright she is not vaccinated, but he assures that that does not necessarily mean that he is out of Marvel

On the Letitia Wright rumors: She’s not out of BP2… But she doesn’t look very promising either. Wright is very talented and Marvel certainly doesn’t need this drama. Oh Boy, we’ll discuss it further when something really happens, but let’s enjoy the peace while we can. “

Your comments indicate that it is still too early to ensure that Letitia Wright will not return to Black Panther 2, and seems to hint that Marvel and Letitia are currently in a negotiation stage to reach an agreement before they have to go back to set again.

After the sad loss of Chadwick Boseman, it is believed that Shuri take a more central role in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. If true, Letitia Wright would become not only the protagonist of the sequel to Black Panther, but also one of the most important heroes of all the Marvel Universe, which is why they are so willing to negotiate.

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Rumor: Does Letitia Wright not want to return to the MCU?