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Though Harrison Ford world-renowned for bringing Han Solo to life, the actor also has the Indiana Jones franchise to maintain his position within the industry as one of the biggest and most enduring names in Hollywood. The point is that sometimes it is difficult to let go of certain characters and others are simply considered untouchable. When Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – 78% premiered a few years ago it was clear that the public was not very open to seeing more of this hero, but in an attempt to continue exploiting things, a new installment was approved. The bad news is that recent rumors indicate that this project is not going well at all and could be a big flop.

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Raiders of the Lost Ark – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos95% It was an unexpected success that caught the attention of thousands of viewers who immediately became fans. The film complies with a simple and exciting premise, while Ford easily puts all of his personality into the protagonist who is both very brave and intelligent, but who has a very peculiar fortune that puts him in unfavorable situations. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos84% and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos88% they successfully repeated the formula and delivered new stories and new characters that were interesting enough to lift the franchise alongside the actor.

Indiana Jones became a movie legend and a whole generation grew up with his image and even with the desire to continue his career and have that same spirit of adventure. The franchise even opened the doors to a moderately successful series, but no one gave much thought to whether or not we’d ever see it on the big screen again. Ford didn’t seem particularly excited about returning to the role, but the thought of having any other actor in the role was almost criminal.

The actor agreed to make the fourth installment, along with Shia LaBeouf Y Cate Blanchett, with the idea that this would close the cycle and allow the legacy to be left to another character, instead of simply another actor that his audience may or may not like. Unfortunately, this film had very high expectations among fans of the saga and long before it was released it was clear that they could not be fulfilled. The story so clumsy and without rhythm, the action scenes without much reasoning and the work of Ford, who seemed more obliged than delighted, only ended up condemning this proposal.

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Many people try to ignore this fourth installment to stick with the original material, but now we have a new idea that will try to convince everyone again. The fifth Indiana Jones movie will be released in June of next year and is one of the most important proposals for Disney, especially now that information has been leaked that they want to make an exclusive series for their platform. But how good an idea is it to revive something that has already proven its expiration date? Wanting to exploit such an important saga is not surprising, but the fact that it turns out well is, and everything indicates that it will not be like that.

According to Overlord DVD (via Giant Freakin Robot), Disney has already done several test functions and the public is not satisfied at all. The information ensures that up to three different endings have been proposed, but the viewers did not like any of them and now Disney does not know what to do, since the film is one of the important premieres that they will have in commercial theaters after everything that happened during the global pandemic . The rumor indicates that if they do not see more hope for the final cut, then they will definitely send it to Disney Plus, where fans could be more accessible by not having to pay a movie ticket.

For now, the plot is unknown. indiana jones 5but everything indicates that the character played by Phoebe Waller Bridge He will be the one who keeps the legacy of the archaeologist so that Ford can finally retire from the franchise. Unfortunately, this doesn’t sound good to fans who would rather see no more installments of this story than see it in someone else’s hands. Although the director james mangold has said on several occasions that Indiana Jones will be presented as in his best moments, something also confirmed by the actor Mads Mikkelsenthat will not be enough for some who are closed to the possibility of changing things to continue feeding the franchise, and who already see with bad eyes that this film is not directed by steven spielberg or have an original story of george lucas.

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Rumor: Disney will premiere streaming Indiana Jones 5 after disastrous test functions | tomatoes