Rubén Albarrán will debut as an actor in a film about Dámaso Pérez Prado

Within the entertainment industry, there are many cases in which we see how some artists jump from one industry to another, to show that there is no limit to talent. And that will be the case with Ruben Albarran, vocalist of Café Tacuba, who is ready to enter the big screen.

This September 14, the filming of what will be the film began Yesterday’s dream, which will serve as a tribute to Dámaso Pérez Prado, the well-known Cuban idol whom many will remember on the music scene as “El Rey del Mambo”. And if, the renowned singer from the capital will participate in the project.

Rubén Albarrán. Photo: Special.

Rubén Albarrán in the film ‘Yesterday’s Dream’ about Dámaso Pérez Prado

You never know when you will discover a new talent and the example sets it Ruben Albarran, who will fully enter a tape that looks interesting. Is about Yesterday’s dream, next feature film by director Emilio Maillé in which homage will be paid to the Cuban idol who conquered Mexico with his music: Damaso Pérez Prado.

As indicated in a statement by the film production companies El Caimán, Alebrije Producciones and North Films, the vocalist of Café Tacuba will star in this film alongside other actors such as Benny Emmanuel, Mikaela Monet, Paco Rueda, Raquel Becerra, Blanca Guerra, OfeliaMedina and Arcelia Ramírez.


And what will this project be about?

Precisely, the filming of Yesterday’s dream began this September 14, coinciding with the death anniversary of Dámaso Pérez Prado, who died in Mexico City in 1989. And they will ask themselves, what will the film in which Rubén Albarrán will come out be about?

Here is a brief part of the synopsis: “As in a dream, Dámaso Pérez Prado, the King of Mambo wakes up in Mexico City in the middle of 2020, the problem is that he is dead and has not realized it. Despite the confusion, he quickly understands that he came to find his muse: Magdalena. On his way he runs into Lázaro, a young man who will guide him through a city that he hardly recognizes, different scenarios that Pérez Prado lived have disappeared, but the music, the city and the night are still alive.

Rubén Albarrán will debut as an actor in a film about Dámaso Pérez Prado

Start of filming for ‘Yesterday’s Dream’. Photo: Courtesy.

A confused Damaso will thus try to reconnect with the great Aztec metropolis that he once musicalized, in which he is remembered as the “King of the Mambo” and where he defined the image of the witty dandy in his peculiar style. “It is the poetic journey of a dead man in search of a lost love, a Latin story with a lot of dance, music, where several women and a man lead us to talk about what is most intimate”said director Emilio Maillé

“Yesterday’s dream is not only a musician’s film, it is a musical drama, he finished. Well, let’s wait to see how the film goes and how Rubén Albarrán performs on the big screen. Opinions?

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