Rocky IV: When Sylvester Stallone Nearly Died During Movie Recordings

The actor remembered for being the protagonist of the Rocky saga, he has become one of the most important artists in the film industry in the United States and today he continues his great work on the big screen. However, one of the movies that narrowly brought him to fame and led him to his death.

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It should be noted that all the films of “Rocky” what did he do tell the story of a man of Italian-American origin known by his name of Rocky Balboa. With the passage of time he manages to become one of the best boxers in the world.

For this, the actor had a great responsibility to give life to the fictional character, but in addition to that, he had to write the script for the films.

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But just as he achieved great popularity during the making and protagonism of these films, there was also a moment where he almost died as a result of his work.

The actor was invited to the Cannes film festival to receive recognition due to his great career in the world of cinema. From that place he presented some images of Rambo V: Last Blood, before witnessing a restored copy of the 1982 hit First Blood, the film that first showed the character of John Rambo to theaters.


The first of these films was released in the cinema in 1976 which had the acceptance of the public. This led to the actor receiving three Oscars, including the one for best picture.

Nevertheless, Rocky IV It was released in November 1985 and was one of the greatest successes in the actor’s career and is considered the best film in the series.

Another of Stallone’s revelations is that he didn’t like him at first Dolph Lundgren, so he saw in that a great opportunity for me to play the enemy in the movie.

Rocky Balboa fighting with Ivan Drago (Photo: YouTube capture)

I had to find a superhuman being as an opponent, someone who was overwhelming (…) And then Dolph Lundgren came in, and I immediately hated him”, He specified.


In the event of Cannes The actor also shared some details that had never been made public before and that even his thousands of fans were not aware of. It is about the day he was about to die when he recorded the fourth installment of Rocky.

He revealed that this happened after he received a blow from the actor Dolph Lundgren who played Ivan Drago on Rocky IV.

As a result of those blows, he had to be airlifted from Canada to St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California, where he remained hospitalized for eight days in intensive care. After that he recovered and returned to the recordings.

“It hit me so hard it almost stopped my heart”, said the actor.

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He also stressed that to get there he made a decision and asked something Dolph: “I said ‘why don’t we do it?’ Just try to knock me out. Release as hard as you can”.

That request was the reason for Lundgren to unleash his full strength and strike Stallone during the final fight. After that, he became aware and repented.

What I said was stupid. The next thing I know, I was on a low-altitude plane to the emergency room and in intensive care for four days, with all the nuns around. “added.

Sylvester Stallone defeated Ivan Drago in the fight (Photo: YouTube capture)
Sylvester Stallone defeated Ivan Drago in the fight (Photo: YouTube capture)



As we mentioned, Sage was the Sylvester Stallone’s first son. He not only participated in the movie “Rocky V”, but also in other productions such as “Daylight” and “Oliviero Rising”. His last work was done in 2010 in “The Agent”. Unfortunately, he passed away at the age of 36 from cardiac arrest in 2012.


Sage’s brother was born in 1979 and his name is Seargeoh. At the age of 3 he was diagnosed with autism after experiencing communication difficulties. Despite this, he had a role in the “Rocky” saga as Rocky Jr, before Sage.


Sylvester Stallone’s third marriage to Jennifer Flavin resulted in the birth of Sophia, in 1996. She is also linked to art, although not precisely because of any involvement in the world of acting.

Sophia prefers to spend several hours reading literary books. In addition, with his sister Sistine they have a podcast where everything is discussed. “From adult to single life and wacky stories, including exciting guests joining the chaos”. This can be found in its description on Apple Podcasts.

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