Rocky Balboa: Sylvester Stallone’s inspiration to create the most important character of his career

One of the films that was very successful during the 1980s was “”, And that through its different stages managed to conquer the public thanks to the participation of Sylvester Stallone and his naturalness to fight in the ring against his opponents.

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All movies of tell the story of a man of Italian and North American origin named Rocky Balboa, who due to different circumstances becomes one of the best boxers in the world.

Stallone he had a great responsibility to bring the fictional character to life. But not only that, well, he also had to write the script for the film, something that at this point can be said, that he did it very well.

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The first of these films was released in the cinema in 1976 which had the acceptance of the public. This led the actor to receive three Oscars, among them, the best film.


What to date has been a mystery is what or who was inspired Sylvester Stallone to create this iconic character who served as an idol for some people due to the great success of the film.

To do this, after the actor finished the script, he went in search of film producers who would give him a chance and want to take the film to the big screen. Although with some doubt, Stallone He decided to try his luck and to his surprise the story was attractive to many. They were also looking for an actor with a great career to play the protagonist of the story.

This was not to the liking of Stallone who at all times wanted to give life to the boxer.


In the middle of the coordination the producers Irwin Winkler Y Robert Chartoff read the script and decided to do it with Sylvester Stallone as the main fighter. Therefore, on December 3, 1976, this successful film was released, thus managing to launch the actor to fame, who also made the five sequels and two spin offs: Creed Y Creed II.

Among some of the anecdotes that resulted from this film, was one that the actor himself told in an interview where he pointed out that when they recorded the fight with Dolph Lundgren on Rocky IV, at some point he thought he was going to die from so many blows he received as part of the making of the film.

This film has been recorded and released more than 40 years ago, but there is still data that is unknown and for that reason a documentary about the film was made on Apple TV and Amazon.

This production has served to tell the story of the iconic boxer, as well as the success that Sylvester Stallone has achieved.

is a renowned actor and film producer who had a complicated history before reaching stardom. Only after starring in “”, His masterpiece, was recognized by the world as one of the great artists of the seventh art and one of those who has contributed the most to the industry in recent decades.

However, in an interview with , the 73-year-old actor sat down for a lengthy interview, where he opened up about the franchise that made him famous, releasing one of the saddest statements ever heard by Stallone:

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