Robert De Niro starred in one of the best films in history; We tell you on which platform to see it

This Tuesday, August 17, the film legend turned 78 Robert De Niro, who has played iconic roles in films that have gone down in history and that have become classics by the acclaimed director Martin Scorsese. Taxi Driver, one of the best films of this duo is available in Of course Video, platform to which you have free access if you have the service of Telmex O Telcel, and that you must see at least once in your life.

Few histrionics in the movie industry can boast as From Niro having been nominated five times for an award Oscar for Best Actor and two nominations for Best Supporting Actor, of which he won one from each category for his work on Toro Wild (1981) and The Godfather: Part II (1975), respectively.

However, for many critics, From Niro had to have won the Oscar a Best Actor for his work in Taxi Driver (1976), although he lost to Peter Finch, for its role in Network. Although he did not get the statuette, his role transcended and he has received tributes and even parodies.

What is it about?

Travis Bickle (Robert of Niro) is a veteran of the Vietnam War, but has some problems sleeping, so he has looked for all kinds of alternatives to get rest, although without success. To cope with chronic insomnia, he finds a job as a night taxi driver in New York.

He is a not sociable man who barely has contact with other people, spends his days at the movies and lives “in love” with Betsy (Cybill Shepherd), an attractive blonde volunteering for a political campaign, with whom she has trouble striking up a conversation and even asking her out to a suitable place.

But what really haunts Travis is seeing how violence, squalor and desolation dominate the city in which he lives, and that, from his point of view, it has been taken over by the wrong people. Under this situation, one day he decides to do something decent at indecent moments.

Taxi Driver is from start to finish a cinematic gem, because Martin Scorsese built a character who managed to overcome the screen and position himself in the audience, to the extent that today almost everyone knows Travis Bickle without having seen the film.

The film was rated by the American Film Institute at position 52 as Best American Film on the 100 Years … 100 Movies list, while Travis Bickle’s character was placed by Empire ranked 18th in its poll of “The 100 Greatest Movie Characters,” and the feature film was ranked 17th on the magazine’s 2008 list of “The 500 Greatest Movies of All Time.”

While sites like Rotten Tomatoes gave it a score of 96 percent, considering that Taxi Driver It is a film that has to be seen at least once in life if the viewer believes himself to be a true cinephile.

As if that were not enough, the film, despite having a R rating in state United —Which means that it can only be seen in the strict company of people over the age of 17—, it was a total success at the box office, since it was produced with only $ 1.9 million and raised more than $ 28 million.

The film earned four nominations for Oscar awards in the categories of Best movie, Best actor (Robert De Niro), Best actress of distribution (Jodie Foster) Y Best soundtrack (Bernard Herrmann, posthumous postulation).

The music of Bernard Herrmann it was his final score before his death on December 24, 1975, and the film is dedicated to his memory.