Ridley Scott hates superhero movies but loves Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Joker’

Ridley Scott, that they premiere The last duel a few weeks ago and that he is in full promotion of the controversy The Gucci house, made the headlines of the news portals of half the planet criticizing the genre of superhroes at the cinema. The filmmaker, who I call “fucking boring” and repetitive these films, criticized their lack of originality. Nevertheless, in an interview with Deadline, Scott claims that the performance of Joaquin Phoenix on Joker -which earned him an Oscar- still seems wonderful to him.

Ridley Scott ama Joker and phoenix’s work on the tape

Crafted as a dramatically different drama from other superhero movies and comic book characters, Joker presents one of the best performances of Joaquin Phoenix, all this from a more urban, tangible and real perspective, taking hold ms in the human figure of the character than in the fantastic and terrifying one that will end up terrorizing Gotham in the future. Scott, who has worked with Phoenix on Gladiator, soon to work with the actor of Kitbag, centered on the life of Napoleon Bonaparte and with the actor as the main protagonist by embodying the great French general. The film will premiere in Apple TV+.

But as a result of the controversy of the superhero cinema, and in the aforementioned Deadline, Scott has applauded his friend for his work in portraying a tormented and realistic figure. According to the filmmaker of Alien, Phoenix is ​​capable of anything. “He’s smart enough to contain his rage and say, what older, wiser actor could do this in my place? I mean, it’s almost shakesperianoI think Joaqun can do anything, “he says. “So when he does something like Joker… There are moments in the Joker that I’ve never seen before “, explains the director.

Scott loves the nuances of Phoenix’s performance in ‘Joker’

“There are expressions and reactions in the Joker that are stupid. We could say that he is not an evil character. Everything comes from a tormented and damaged soul. And that’s exactly what I’m looking for. What will be Joaqun’s version of Naples? l be the painter of his own portrait and I’ll be there to supervise it as best I can because that’s what I do. I make sure to choose my actors very well, “concludes Scott, who has not crossed paths professionally with the interpreter for more than 20 years, specifically since Gladiator, film that will have a sequel and whose script is already finished.

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Ridley Scott hates superhero movies but loves Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Joker’