Ricardo Darín said that he was saved from a robbery thanks to one of his emblematic films

Ricardo Darín told an unusual anecdote about the day that “The son of the bride” saved him from a robbery (Video: “El hormiguero”, Antena 3)

The fact of being a recognized figure many times it is usually an advantage when it comes to getting out of difficult situations. That’s what happened a long time ago Ricardo Darinwho was invited to a renowned Spanish program where he told an anecdote in which he was able to avoid a robbery in a very particular way.

“Over time one forgets the titles of the films, but it remains in the collective unconscious. And once we were at a gas station, at a service station as we call it, at dawn, with my partner German Palacios. We were doing a theater tour and he had gone down to buy yerba to drink mate to return to Buenos Aires. We were returning from a town in the province of Buenos Aires, far from home. We decided to return without staying there to sleep because we really wanted to see our families, “the actor introduced in the anthill (Antenna 3).

And he continued with his story: “At a certain moment, I was the one who was driving, I was left alone, at the wheel, and through the window that was down, a man appeared, with his usual leather jacket and his hand inside as if holding a gun. , and when he sees me, he says: ‘What are you doing here?’ I told him that he was loading gasoline, but evidently he came to rob me”. Then, he recounted the man’s reaction: “He was shocked and yelled at the other one who was behind: ‘Look who’s here, who’s here… is your old lady’s boyfriend’”.

Ricardo Darín tempted everyone in the study of the Spanish program

However, he acknowledged that at that time he did not know what the alleged thief was referring to. “The funny thing is what happened to me mentally. I said: ‘Your old lady’s boyfriend? I’ve never been here before, this man is going to kill me because of a mistake.’ The other came and when he saw me they both ran away. It took me a long time to fall spoke of The son of the bride”, he closed in reference to the emblematic film in which he starred alongside Norma Aleander and great cast.

In that sense, he recounted another similar situation that he experienced thanks to your participation in nine R’seinas. “Because of that thing that the youngest like this about tricks and street traps. It has happened to me to come across two or three on the street as if I were the king of the traps. They ended up phagocytizing it ”, he recounted amused.

And finally, he ended with an anecdote about an encounter he had with a criminal who appeared to him in a house he was renting. “It was early morning in a rented house, in a summer season where he was doing theater. I heard some strange noises like 5 in the morning and I went out in my underwear. It was a house that had large windows and in front it had wooden shutters that were sliding. I see a shadow coming through the window, until it reaches the clearing and we make eye contact,” she described.

“I was in my underwear and we both stayed looking at each other as if it were the far west. I wasn’t very well dressed, or armed, or anything. It depended on seeing who would throw the first stone or who would make the first move. Y It came from my soul, I swear I didn’t even think about it. I looked at him and barked at him”, He pointed out, before the laughter of all. “Not that it was a bark exactly, but it was something like that. The guy didn’t know if I was a big dog… and it worked. It worked because the guy didn’t know if he was calling a dog that was going to eat him, or if I was crazier than him. In either case, it disappeared. When I entered the house, I found my wife in a fit of laughter and she told me that he was crazy. But I never knew why I did that, ”she finished.


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Ricardo Darín said that he was saved from a robbery thanks to one of his emblematic films