June 10, 2021

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Review of In a Wild Place, Robin Wright’s feature directing debut

Review of In a Wild Place Robin Wrights feature directing

Criticism of In a Wild Place (Land), the directorial debut of a feature film by Robin Wright, who also stars in the film. Premiere on June 11, 2021.

2014 was the year that Robin Wright jumped into the directing arena in the popular and controversial series House of Cards in which she also had the brilliant title role of Claire Hale / Underwood that she played until the last episode of the television show. She would adopt the role of director up to ten times and, already in 2017, she would launch with a new story with the short film The Dark of Night.

Now her first job as a director of a feature film comes to the big screen: In a wild place O Land, in its original version. It is a seemingly simple story about a woman who struggles with herself to accept the arbitrary death of her loved ones and who will embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement.

Thus, Edee Holzer leaves everything behind and, equipped with what is strictly necessary, secludes herself in a cabin in the mountains. Your goal will be to regain your will to live, your self-esteem and your attachment to the land. By completely isolating himself from civilization, refusing even to carry electronic devices or have his own car, he tries to show himself that he is capable of subsisting on his own means and tries to re-develop the most primitive link with life, thanking every food and every ray of energy. Sun.

At the same time, however, he will put himself in danger. Living in the wild is very hard and once the winter cold sets in and food is scarce, Edee is about to die. Alawa and Miguel will come to their aid, a nurse and a man used to the mountains who carry drinking water supplies to a nearby Indian reservation. She is grateful for his help, but still needs her own space to compose herself and grieve.

In a wild place It is a very exciting film because it focuses on aspects of our lives that are universal: loss, redemption, the search for a connection with life, the need to do things well, to heal in solitude …

If I don’t belong here then I don’t belong anywhere

He also does it with a very clean script in which secondary plots that mislead viewers do not intervene: the message he launches is very clear and the dialogues, scarce but magnificent, help to compose a small but highly refined gallery of characters.

It is also a beautiful film for other reasons, such as the sensational locations in which people are, so to speak, engulfed by an overflowing nature as idyllic as it is deadly. Photography of Bobby Bukowski He takes advantage of the lighted sunsets and the incredible color palette of the forests, creating with great care moments of recollection and others in which the protagonist looks like an ant in her fabulous natural environment.

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But perhaps the most beautiful and emotional thing is not that, but the links that are established between the characters based on solidarity, friendship and the altruism typical of those people who know how to collaborate to be able to survive in an adverse and treacherous environment .

In a wild place It is a film of a deep humanity that speaks of spirituality without the need to resort to religion or sentimentality. It is not a predictable and manipulated story, although it is not the height of originality and this is thanks to Wright’s work as an actress (tremendous, as always) and her talent when directing Demián Bichir above all. It is therefore a great debut of, hopefully, a long career behind the camera.


Robin Wright, who had already made his first steps in directing in the House of Cards series, opts for his feature debut for a film in which he portrays a voluntary ostracism as the only way for a grieving woman to be able to face and overcome her tendency to self-destruction. A magnificent story like life itself.

The best

It is a thoughtful and intimate film in which Robin Wright gives it his all in front of and behind the camera. Beautiful and very well narrated.


It is not the height of originality in its approach, although the design of the characters is captivating.