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The movies of Guy ritchie They never go unnoticed, and although his career has been full of ups and downs, the director has delivered a few films that are essential within the action and robbery genre. Ritchie has also been responsible for assembling attractive casts and presenting us with new faces, as happened with Jason statham, who had his first feature film role in 1998 in the film Lock & Stock, this collaboration was followed Pigs and Diamonds – 73% (Snatch). It took almost twenty years for actor and director to work together again, but the wait has been worth it, at least for most of the critics who have had very encouraging comments for Relentless Justice – 70%.

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Jason statham he stands as the total protagonist of a film that seems designed for him, since once again he places himself in the shoes of the action hero, a relentless, irate man, who will make the bad guys see their luck. With all the narrative elements that characterize the cinema of Ritchie, the film has particularly attracted the attention of specialized journalists because the director avoids certain style marks (mainly in editing) to bet on a perspective that is already described as original.

Remake of the 2004 French film, Le Convoyeur, directed by Nicolas Boukhrief Y Eric Besnard, Relentless Justice revolves around H (Jason Statham) is the mysterious guy who just joined as a security guard in an armored company. During an attempted robbery of his truck, he surprises his teammates by displaying the skills of a professional soldier, leaving the rest of the team wondering who he really is and where he comes from. The real reason H is seeking a reckoning will soon become clear. The cast also includes Holt McCallany, Josh hartnett, Scott eastwood, Jeffrey Donovan, Laz alonso, Jason wong, among others.

As we pointed out in previous lines, the film has attracted attention because, although Ritchie’s style is totally identifiable, the director has moved away from certain “stylistic flourishes” such as, for example, the “anarchic rhythm and fast-talking jokes. ”Which found its maximum point in The Knights – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos81%, but here they have been reduced to give way to a more intelligent edition, jumps in time and an action that is woven “a la Christopher Nolan”, says the review of Variety.

The experts have also highlighted the good handling in the dramatic tones, pointing out that, when the story asks for seriousness, it is, and when things get really ugly, it makes the viewer worry about the fate of the protagonist.

For critics who have been disappointed, the reunion between Statham and Ritchie was not worth it. They point to a poor script, a character that lacked construction, and a conventional plot. However, the positive reviews have been enough to keep Relentless Justice – 70% like a fresh premiere. Here we share a selection of the reviews it has achieved:

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Matt Zoller Seitz from

It is one of Ritchie’s best directed films and one of the most surprising in terms of style and tone. (…) More than in other films by the director, here you feel the presence of evil.

Jeanmarie tan from The New Paper:

… most refreshing is the absence of Richie’s signature stylistic flourishes, anarchic pacing, and quick-talk banter, which, after the grueling The Gentlemen (2019), weary viewers can be thankful for.

Glenn kenny from The New York Times:

Ritchie unfolds the story with a clever montage that jumps back in time and maintains the tension until the climax, delivering just what the viewer expects.

Jim Schembri from

When the going gets tough, it’s serious business with a lot at stake and some of the sharpest action movie edits we’ve seen in a while. It’s the Michael Mann standard.

Anthony Morris from It’s Better in the Dark:

Tellingly, while the rest of the cast start out as lighthearted, quirky individuals finally finding themselves in survival mode, Statham starts there and doesn’t stop. It’s the difference between an actor and a movie star: you can hit a note throughout the entire movie (a separate scene) and make it compelling from start to finish.

Daniel Rutledge from

… Jason Statham exudes quiet determination and sheer threat in the latest from Guy Ritchie.

Peter gray from The AU Review:

Don’t let the somewhat shaky beginning fool you, this is a case of a man’s rage that you won’t regret enduring in the end.

Cain Noble-Davies from FILMINK:

For a reunion with the man who gave us Statham in the first place, it’s pretty disappointing …

Chris dos Santos from SWITCH:

… not impossible to see, but there is no overwhelming reason to see it.

David ehrlich from Indiewire:

This goofy robot movie tries to combine the hooligan fun of ‘Snatch’ with the icy rawness of ‘Heat’. And it does not work.

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