Refreshing cinema session with the best mermaid movies

There are many series of sirens recommended as H2O with Emma, ​​Rikki y Cleo. But also mermaid movies that we can see online in the different streaming platforms if you are looking for something fun and for all audiences. Of all genres and all possible themes, from the Disney classic in animation to Chinese romantic comedies that were a blockbuster in recent years. A refreshing dip with these sea creatures that star in all kinds of films for the big screen and with which we can take a marathon to celebrate the summer.

The Little Mermaid Saga

It is the classic, the most mythical and the one we always think of when we think of mermaids and mermaid movies. It has the original film but also a spin-off and a live musical version.

The little Mermaid

If we think in mermaid movies there will always be one that comes to mind first. Ariel’s. Released in the late eighties, The Little Mermaid is one of the essentials on this list. An animated Disney film that we can see on Disney Plus and that we have all seen at some time. Ariel wants to stop being a mermaid, she wants to become a human, she dreams of having feet. And it will do everything possible to achieve it. He will agree with Úrsula, the evil villain witch, to change her voice to have legs and thus get to conquer a prince. And on your adventure you will be accompanied by charismatic and unforgettable characters such as Flanders or Sebastian.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 1989

Duration: One hour and 25 minutes

Thematic: Cartoon, Fantasy, Love

Age: For over six years

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The Little Mermaid 2

The continuation of the mythical film Mermaids was released in 2000 and followed the adventures of Eric and Ariel. The prince and princess have had their daughter Melody and must protect her from Úrsula’s sister, Morgana. A film for the whole family with less impact than the previous one but ideal to see with the little ones in the house and in which we will also see the adorable ones Sebastian and Flanders plus all kinds of catchy songs, adventures and dangers at sea.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2000

Duration: One hour and 18 minutes

Thematic: Animation, fantasy, drama

Age: For all audiences

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The Little Mermaid II

The Little Mermaid III: The Beginning of Ariel

The third in the saga works as a prequel to the previous ones. Long before there was Prince Eric, music was forbidden in Ariel’s kingdom and the others after Queen Athena was captured for trying to rescue a music box. The famous little mermaid You must make a decision in this animated drama released in 2008 in which we meet the princess as a child and adolescent along with her six sisters. Ariel dreams of music, of enjoying it live, of reliving moments together with her mother.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2008

Duration: One hour and 20 minutes

Thematic: Animation, family, music

Age: For all audiences

Watch The Little Mermaid III: Ariel’s Beginning on Disney Plus

Beginnings ariel

The Little Mermaid Live!

It is not a movie as such but a musical covering the classic Disney movie. A live musical by an hour and 24 minutes that we can see in Disney Plus si like this story. Similar to going to the theater but with a hybrid format in which we will see animation scenes but also live singers and dancers with a sensational staging. Fun and enjoyable for the fans of the Little Mermaid soundtrack and all its characters. Of course, the songs of the musical are in their version in English and not Spanish.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 2019

Duration: One hour and 25 minutes

Thematic: Musical / Concert

Age: For over six years

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Little mermaid live


Animation movies to watch as a family.

Barbie Dolphin Magic

The popular Mattel doll has her own animated series and movies on Netflix and Barbie Dolphin Magic is one of those that we can see on this streaming platform. Barbie and her sisters will visit the coral reefs together with Ken and there they will meet a new friend who is something peculiar and different. Their new friend is a mermaid who will be accompanied byto get to know the dolphins closer. An animated film of only one hour of animation in which we will follow Barbie, Chelsea and the others in this new refreshing and summery adventure.

Platform: Netflix

Year: 2017

Duration: One hour and four minutes

Thematic: Movie for the whole family / Cartoons

Age: For all audiences

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Barbie Dolphin

Barbie in a mermaid adventure

Barbie is here a Malibu surf champion, an adolescent champion, an ordinary young woman. But he will discover that there is something he did not know until now, a family secret that has been hidden from him for years: she is a mermaid. Enjoying your new ability, which makes you different and unique, you will travel with your dolphin Zuma in search of his mother, Queen Oceana.

It is not available to watch online on Netflix or any other streaming platform but we can buy or rent it on Apple TV, Google Play or Microsoft with prices starting at 2.99 euros for rent and 5.99 euros for the Buy if you are a fan of Barbie and want to see one of the most popular mermaid movies of animation and cartoons.

Platform: –

Year: 2010

Duration: One hour and fifteen minutes

Thematic: Movie for the whole family / Cartoons

Age: For all audiences


The Little Mermaid: a princess under the sea

In Amazon Prime Video we can see a new mermaid less known than the previous ones but with a story for all audiences in which the sirenita is not a rebellious daughter who wants to escape but a woman capable of everything that you will have to save a captain’s daughter after a storm.

The mermaid princess must choose between saving her new friends in all kinds of adventures or continuing her quiet life at sea. Children’s action for the whole family in a mermaid movie on Amazon Prime Video available to all audiences if we are interested in the subject but also in adventures, pirates.

Platform: Amazon Prime Video / Film

Year: 2016

Duration: One hour and 14 minutes

Thematic: Animation / Children’s movie / Fantasy

Age: For all audiences

Watch The Little Mermaid: A Princess Under the Sea on Amazon Prime Video

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Little mermaid

Other movies

Beyond children’s movies or cartoons there are other mermaid movies that we can see on streaming platforms like Disney or Netflix. Some of them are less well known, but also other great film classics.

The sirens

This Chinese movie on Netflix we shows “real” mermaids in a humorous way. A romantic comedy in which the plans of a tycoon in an ocean reserve seem to put Shan’s life in danger. Shan is sent to assassinate the tycoon and thus avoid disaster but he falls in love with her. A 2016 title that set box office records in China.

Platform: Netflix

Year: 2016

Duration: One hour and 33 minutes

Thematic: Romantic Comedy / Chinese Film

Age: For over twelve years

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The little Mermaid

A live action version of the classic Disney in which there are no Ursulas or princes but you do have to save yourself, escape. The story (similar to the one) of always but with other characters slight changes. Available on Netflix is ​​a version in which the mermaid does not live under the sea dreaming of escaping, but is part of a circus. His little niece will break into the life of a journalist and their lives will change forever. Starring William Moseley, Poppy Drayton and Loreto Peralta is a romantic comedy released in 2018. It is not one of the best movies you are going to see and it has a poor rating on Filmaffinity but you can see if you are looking for something simple to entertain yourself .

Platform: Netflix

Year: 2018

Duration: One hour and 24 minutes

Thematic: Version of the classic / Movie for the whole family / Romantic

Age: For over seven years

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The Lure

Horror, fantasy and comedy in this polish film from 2015 that we can see on Netflix. A family of musicians will meet two sisters during the night. They are Silver and Golden and they are two mermaid sisters who will be hired by a nightclub where they will become the most anticipated show in a love, sex, horror and mystery movie but also show and music. We can see it on Netflix and it is recommended for people over sixteen with a theme that is far from all of the above.

Platform: Netflix

Year: 2015

Duration: One hour and 28 minutes

Thematic: Musical / Terror

Age: For people over 16 years old

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One, two, three… Splash

Tom Hanks y Daryl Hannah They are the protagonists of one of the classics in adult mermaid movies. A romantic comedy to watch as a family. Hanks plays Allen Bauer, a man who was saved as a child by a mermaid when he was about to drown. Twenty years have passed and he will fall in the same place as when he was a child but will be rescued again by the same mermaid. Will go back to New York But his heroine will do everything possible to find him in the big city in an entertaining and recommended romantic comedy if you are looking for something entertaining and fun, something refreshing that does not go out of style despite being released almost forty years ago. We can see it on Disney Plus and the film was nominated for an Oscar for best original screenplay.

Platform: Disney Plus

Year: 1984

Duration: One hour and 49 minutes

Thematic: Romantic movies

Age: For over six years

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A family and adolescent comedy for all audiences is Aquamarine. With familiar faces like Emma Roberts, Jojo Levesque and Sara Paxton. CLaire and Hailey are two thirteen-year-old girls, friends. They just discovered Aquamarine in a pool, a mermaid that has appeared after a great storm and who flees from an arranged marriage, believing he can find true love and with only three days to achieve it. The three of them will do everything possible to fulfill the “mission” in the established time and thus star in an enjoyable teenage film for boys and girls of all ages.

It is not available on any streaming platform to see it for free or included in the catalog but we can rent it or buy it on Apple TV, Google Play or Amazon with prices of 3.99 euros for rent and 8.99 euros for purchase if you want to watch Aquamarine on TV or computer.

Platform: –

Year: 2006

Duration: One hour and 44 minutes

Thematic: Romantic Comedy / Fantasy

Age: For all audiences