Red Alert does not pay to be the most expensive Netflix movie

Red alert, de Netflix, is a perfect example of the aspirational film for the company, and of the dynamics that for a few years it has put into practice to reach a premiere like this. And neither of the two differs much from how it has been done until now, or in other periods of history. It was a few months ago that Reed Hastings’s house announced that they had proposed the audacious undertaking of release more than 80 feature films per year, some smaller or niche, others aimed at the awards race, and others blockbusters that before we only conceived of seeing in the cinema.

Red alert is one of the latter. The intention of all the above is clear: Netflix does not want to be just another option for streaming, but the default option. As the expert Elena Neira rightly told us on one occasion, wants to be something like “the new television”. What you put now as when before you turned on the television and you started to pry with the remote.

It is an extensive strategy: release a lot and very varied to hook as many viewers as possible. Sometimes the big hook is your stars. Just as Kevin Spacey starred House Of Cards because, according to the company’s Big Data, he was a favorite actor of the public (remember that Netflix used to be dedicated to home delivery of DVDs), now they are The Rock, Ryan Reynolds y Gal Gadot the godparents of Red alert.

But Red alert it is not preceded just the flash of its cast, but also the numbers: it cost $ 200 million, making it the most expensive Netflix movie yet. At least until it is released The Gray Man, which cost the same, with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans starring. This reminds us in part of the intrigues of the big producers to get the most media stars, and also the most expensive.

In fact, we suspect that the most expensive thing has come out of Red alert is the salary of its actors; The Rock is still the highest paid in Hollywood today. But let’s go to the important thing, to what interests you: what have these three figures joined for? What exactly is Red alert? Red alert tells the story of the search and theft of the Three Eggs of Cleopatra, historical relics that the best thieves in the world face.

Red alert, on Netflix

One of them is Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds), ready to steal one of them from the Castel Sant’Angelo museum in Rome, but not before running into John Hartley (Dwayne La Roca Johnson), an FBI agent tasked with catching him. When the Bishop (Gal Gadot), another of the most skilled criminals in these struggles, comes into play in their own hunt for the Eggs, Hartley and Booth are forced to understand each other. Thus initiating an unlikely friendship that will jeopardize their interests, while they undertake a flight around the world to prevent El Alfil from having his way.

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Red Alert does not pay to be the most expensive Netflix movie