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Due to their culture, it is possible that some countries view series and films that are popular in the rest of the world with different eyes, which can lead to censorship or, in the most extreme cases, a ban. That is exactly what happened recently in Russia, where a movie by Mortal Kombat and other productions received restrictions in that country.

What happens is that the court of Saint Petersburg, Russia, issued a ban for 5 audiovisual productions, among which we can find video game movies and series. Specific, Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge, Dead Space: Down Fall, Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic, Happy Tree Friends and the live-action of Attack on Titan They can no longer be broadcast on some sites within Russian territory.

These measures come shortly after Russia banned the cult film Akira for allegedly being harmful to children’s health as well as 5 anime belonging to the popular genre isekai.

Why were these movies and series banned?

The United Press Service of the St. Petersburg Courts used its official Telegram account to publish a lengthy statement detailing the causes behind these recent bans. Thus, these measures were taken “out of concerns about the welfare of the country’s youth.”

Thus, the experts who analyzed this case stated that Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge it has “scenes of extreme cruelty, bloody martial arts, dismemberment of bodies and elements of cannibalism.” In the same way, they assured that this type of drawings can have a motivating effect on aggressive or self-injurious behavior.

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On the other hand, Russian experts found that the live-action film of Attack on Titan includes cruel scenes, and cites the moments where the titans, which are naked, devour children and people. Similarly, they assured that the scene before the end has a “depressing mood.”

All these elements present in the tape, according to the St. Petersburg court, can harm the mental health and moral development of children.

As expected, Dead Space: Down Fall, Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Y Happy Tree Friends they were no exception, and received similar arguments for their prohibition.

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Of course, it is important to note that, apparently, these restrictions are only present pirated audiovisual distribution sites, where it is impossible to regulate who accesses the content.

However, and as the Russian portal pointed out GameMag, this type of prohibition has already reached a streaming service in that country, which had to eliminate the anime Tokyo Ghoul from your library.

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