Rattlesnake criticism: Netflix approves with this ‘series B’

Rattlesnake is now available on Netflix and we explain what you can expect from this ‘series B’ movie that has surprised us considerably

Lately we are seeing that Netflix is betting for a very specific type of cinema that we could classify as ‘series B’ and with Rattlesnake We have found that it can work very, very well.

Rattlesnake is a film written and directed by Zak Hilditch and starring Carmen Ejogo. It is now available on the streaming platform and you can take a look at the official trailer below, so you can see what it is about:

A film from which we expected little or nothing and which has pleasantly surprised us, with a very curious proposal, a convincing montage, an attractive development and a limited ambition.

So, next we are going to talk about Rattlesnake and what you can expect from this Netflix movie that barely lasts for 85 minutes and that passes like a sigh.

A Netflix B-movie that turns simplicity into virtue

A mother and one travel by car to start a new life far from their past. The bleak, stifling landscapes of Texas stare back at you. Pretending to avoid a traffic jam and thus gain a few minutes from the clock, the mother takes a detour and gets lost in a place where there seems to be no sign of life.

It is there, in that lost corner of Texas, where a rattlesnake bites the girl, precipitating a plot that at first may seem crazy … but will soon have the viewer completely hooked with a promise as hackneyed as the classic “a soul for other”.

That, basically, is the premise of Rattlesnake, an unpretentious film, sincere with itself, aware of its limitations and, despite this, intelligent when it comes to managing its resources, fulfilling where it must fulfill and entertaining the public.

Do not expect great flights in this film markedly of series B and Netflix. There is no portentous photography direction or magnificent musical exercise. Nor is there an interpretive waste on the part of the cast, despite having a familiar face. But everything works as part of a concrete, simple and, above all, precise story.

If simplicity is a virtue, it would be fair to say that Rattlesnake It is a virtuous tape. A limited script and with several curious surprises that, executed in the way the filmmaker does, works perfectly, becoming an attraction within the platform.

Seeking greatness or deep reading would be the mistake when viewing it, despite the fact that the Manichean theme “life-death” encourages it. This movie is what it is: a tabletop movie, a Sunday movie

So since HobbyConsolas we recommend them Rattlesnake as a fun and entertaining pastime, the typical discovery that you take with little desire and convince you despite all the fissures it presents.

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Will you give it a try? And if you have already seen it, what did you think?


Rattlesnake is a straightforward movie, unpretentious and unambitious. A fun and smart B-series tape that works as a Sunday or tabletop tape if the audience needs a lightweight product and goes without demands on viewing.

The best

A fun plot, clever execution, good use of resources. Turn the simple into virtue.


It can mean “little thing” to a more demanding audience. His ambition is practically non-existent.