July 5, 2021

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Ranking of Netflix Argentina: the 10 most viewed series and movies

Ranking of Netflix Argentina the 10 most viewed series and

Netflix is ​​the most used streaming platform in Argentina, with 4.5 million active users who visit its catalog every day. The offer of titles is constantly renewed: every week new features are introduced that tempt users. For this reason, the top 10 most viewed series and movies in our country changes almost daily and until yesterday, it is headed by Fatale, a film that tells how a slip changes the protagonist’s life forever. In addition, new proposals such as La calle del terror part 1: 1994 and Kung Fu Panda 3 entered.

Next, a review of the productions that lead the ranking on Netflix Argentina.

1. Fatale

The film released in 2020 arrived this July on Netflix. The Deon Taylor-directed thriller, starring Hilary Swank and Michael Ealy, centers on the life of Derrick, a successful sports agent who cheats on his wife for one night. What he does not know is that his lover, an important detective, will begin to manipulate him to the limit where he must decide whether to face the truth or face the consequences.

2. Sex/Life

Developed by Stacy Rukeyser, it is an eight-part adult series that focuses on desire and sexuality. Based on BB Easton’s novel, 44 Chapters about 4 Men (2016), it shows how a woman completely rethinks her present by reliving part of her youth. It stands out for its narrative focused on the female point of view.

3. Elite

The premiere of the fourth season of the successful Spanish series continues to be among the most watched. Elite tells the story of a group of students from the exclusive Las Encinas school where the difference in social classes, the disappearance of a student and even the murder of one of them keeps the audience glued to the screen. This installment introduces a new principal whose rules will not be very well received within the student body.

4 the street of terror part 1: 1994

Based on the novels by RL Stine, the first installment of this grisly trilogy stars a group of teenagers who discover an unexpected connection between the brutal attacks that have plagued their town for years. The second part, which will be released a week apart, will address events that occurred in the same town, but 20 years earlier.

5. New rich, new poor

Netflix presents the first season of this Colombian series that was all the rage in its country. The story appeals to the absurdity of a mistake that occurred 30 years earlier, when a nurse delivered two newborns to the wrong families. Three decades later, adults must learn to live up to the status of their blood families, one very wealthy and the other lacking. The cast is headed by Martín Karpan, Carolina Acevedo and John Alex Toro.

6. Kung Fu Panda 3

The third part of this beloved saga appears in the ranking as the ideal option for the little ones. After Po finds his biological father, together they set out on a journey to a distant village full of pandas. However, the jealousy of Mr. Ping and the malice of Kai, the villain, will modify the plans of the protagonist, who must put on the master’s suit to train a village of pandas to fight against the enemy.

7. Pokémon: Travel

Young trainer Ash and his friend Goh become research colleagues and come up with a plan to travel the world in search of more knowledge about Pokémon. With a first season of ten episodes, the series seeks from the aesthetics of animation that each chapter becomes an engaging adventure for the little ones starring the famous characters.

8. We are

Long-awaited production that has just premiered its first season on Netflix and takes a different look at the massacre committed in the Mexican town of Allende at the hands of a dangerous drug cartel: Los Zetas. With the focus on the victims, the material sheds light on a little-known event in the history of the Aztec country that occurred in 2011. The story is based on an investigation by journalist Ginger Thompson. Created and produced by James Schamus, it features performances by Mercedes Hernández, Jesús Sida, Areli González, Iliana Donatlán and Jero Medina.

9. Paternity

Netflix premiered in the run-up to Father’s Day a movie to get excited and reflect, which is still among the most watched on the platform. Starring Kevin Hart, it follows a man who must face the difficult task of being a father after his wife died in childbirth of their daughter. The film is based on the book Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love (2011).

10. Lupin

On June 11, the second season premiered and, after the success of its first installment, it did not take long to position itself among the most viewed on the platform. The series follows the story of the professional thief Assane Diop, who seeks to avenge his father, accused of the theft of a jewel and sentenced to live his last days in jail. 25 years after the injustice that changed his fate, the protagonist played by Omar Sy is inspired by a book from his childhood to deliver a masterstroke that will have unexpected consequences.