June 15, 2021

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Ranking of Netflix Argentina: the 10 most viewed series and movies this May 30

Ranking of Netflix Argentina the 10 most viewed series and

Netflix is the platform of streaming most used in Argentina, with 4.5 million active users who visit its catalog every day. The offer of titles is constantly renewed: every week new features are introduced that tempt users. For this reason, top 10 series and movies seen in our country it changes almost daily and this May 30 is located in the first position of the ranking Blue Miracle, the inspirational film based on true events, then located Lucifer, the series that premiered the second part of its fifth season. In addition, it was added Naughty: from the mansion to the street, a proposal for the whole family.

Here is a review of the productions that lead the ranking on Netflix Argentina.

1. Blue miracle

In September 2014, Hurricane Odile reached Los Cabos, Mexico, and wiped out everything in its path, affecting an orphanage. However, the story, which had a possible tragic destiny, turned into hopeful thanks to the intervention of a businessman and a fishing competition that changed reality. The film is very well narrated and has a great camera work by the director Julio Quintana. I See Blue Miracle

Trailer for “Blue Miracle” – Source: Netflix

2. Lucifer

The Serie created in 2016 it has already become a classic. With hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, it now premiered new episodes. After Lucifer morningstar, an angel, is expelled from heaven, descends to hell to become the devil. Bored, He renounces his throne in hell to travel to Los Angeles, where he runs a nightclub. Everything is going relatively smoothly until he becomes involved in a murder case and ends up working as a police consultant. | See Lucifer

Trailer for “Lucifer” | Season 5 – Source: Netflix

3. Naughty: from the mansion to the street

From creators of Shrek, this ideal production to share with the family leaves an important message. Naughty, a dog used to a life of luxury, is abandoned by its owners and you have to deal with situations you have never experienced before. Little by little, he trusts again in someone who gives him his love and care, but away from the comforts he enjoyed in his past. | See Naughty: from the mansion to the street

4. Who killed Sara?

The Mexican series directed by José Ignacio Valenzuela, Who Killed Sara?, has as protagonists Manolo Cardona Y Carolina miranda. After having been unjustly imprisoned for almost 20 years, Alex Guzmán gets his freedom and has the perfect plan to find out why the powerful Lezcano family blamed him for the murder of his own sister. In this way, your goal is to find the real person in charge, even if in the second season adds a new question: who was Sara really? I See Who Killed Sara?

Trailer of the second season of Who Killed Sara?

5. Ragnarök

This series establishes a marriage between suspense, science fiction and reality sustained in certain norwegian mythology. Climate change and industrial pollution are two of the axes that run through the story created by Alan Price, who now premiered new chapters. Protagonists: David Stakston, Ylva Bjørkaas Thedin Y Jonas Strand Gravli. | See Ragnarök

Official Trailer “Ragnarök” – Source: Netflix

6. The innocent

It took just 24 hours for this Spanish miniseries position yourself among the highest and there you stay. Starring Mario Casas Y with the participation of the Argentine Martina Gusmán, follow the story of an ex-con and his wife who, after he got out of jail, try to rebuild his life and give a future to the son they are expecting. Nevertheless, a call will come to change your plans and jeopardize everything they fought for. | See The Innocent

Trailer of The Innocent – Source: YouTube

7. The army of the dead

Army of the dead or The army of the dead, as it was launched in Latin America, shows a post-apocalyptic setting in which the American city of Las Vegas is taken over by zombies. After the authorities of the country decided to completely isolate the edges of the affected area, a group of mercenaries must enter the place to commit a spectacular robbery with very particular characteristics. In this film directed by Zack snyder It is neither the police nor the security guards who confront the protagonists, but the thousands of undead that roam the city. | See The Army of the Dead

Trailer for “The Army of the Dead” – Source: Netflix

8. Luis Miguel, the series

The second season of Luis Miguel, the series, the Netflix production that addresses the singer’s personal and professional life, it premiered a few weeks ago and will release a new episode every sunday. The novelty generated a great stir and became a trend on social networks. The new installment in the series continues with dramatic twists, plus new characters. It consists of eight chapters, narrated in two timelines, which show the interpreter at a crossroads: how to approach the international fame as an idol of Latin American pop, while seeking balance with the demands of his strained family life. I See Luis Miguel, the series

Trailer of “Luis Miguel, the series”, season 2 – Source: Netflix

9. A little favor

The film directed by Paul feig establishes a marriage between comedy and suspense. A single mother leaves an acquaintance in the care of her child, but the initial brief period of time is transformed into an enigmatic disappearance. Blake Lively, Anna Kendrick, Eric Johnson I Y Sarah baker star in this film based on a novel published in 2017. Kendrick’s work reinforces the interesting plot of the film that does not fall into predictable topics and seeks depths in the ever-grateful genre of comedy. | See A Little Favor

Trailer for A Little Favor – Source: YouTube

10. I am Rada: serendipity

A stand up show crazy and optimistic by the hand of the Argentine comedian Agustín “Soy Rada” Aristarán, to entertain and amuse users. Magic and music are the two protagonists of this second special for talk about family and the madness of being a father. See I am Rada: serendipity