Pure fun: the most insane disaster movie in recent years has arrived on HBO Max

Being Monday, you will have rather little desire for gibberish when looking for entertainment. No problem – we’re bringing you possibly the most hassle-free movie per minute of footage in the entire TV programming landscape. streaming: ‘geostorm‘, a catastrophic nonsense that just landed on HBO Max. If you want to disconnect for a while, go quickly to this dementia with an encephalogram so flat that it turns ‘Moonfall’ into a Tarkovsky film.

In it, Gerard Butler, absolute icon of some of the most brutally mindless action films of recent times, such as ‘Target: the White House’, has to travel to outer space when time literally goes crazy on Earth. The culprits: some satellites that serve to control the climate and that begin to failwhich generates from the inevitable tsunamis and radical changes in temperature to insane phenomena such as tornado rains.

Undoubtedly, the most characteristic thing about disaster movies is that the only thing that is asked of them is carefree spectacle: a lot of characters, inevitable disasters everywhere… and ‘Geostorm’ gives all that in superb action sequences like the ones that take place in outer space, or as imaginative and with a special sensitivity for the poetry of pure destruction, like the plummet of an airplane that has frozen in mid-flight.

Do not look here for consistent drama or sequences of great human maturity. Movies like ‘Deep Impact’ or ‘Armageddon’, which seek to identify the viewer with supposedly complex characters, are of a different kind: here we have comedy (involuntary, the smart people in the class will say; I would say that ‘Geostorm’ has a very aware of the nonsense that tells), action and visual extravagance. Just what you need.

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Pure fun: the most insane disaster movie in recent years has arrived on HBO Max