Project Adam, the new movie from Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy

The duo of Free Guy teams up again in a time travel movie.

The somewhat surprising hit of the summer is Free Guy, a totally original adventure film by 20th Century Studios which is sweeping the box office in an exclusively theatrical release. The film has been an exciting project for the star and the producer Ryan Reynolds, which has been trying to do it for years. He has finally pulled it off when Shawn Levy (Night in the museum, 2009, 2006, 2014) joined the management. But although Disney is already asking for a Free Guy sequel, Fans of this movie will be glad to hear that the next Reynolds and Levy movie is just around the corner.

Reynolds re-teamed with Levy as director right after Free Guy in the movie of Netflix Project Adam. ANDIt’s an original time adventure story about a man who travels back in time to get help from his younger self to confront his late father. Reynolds is the protagonist, and Mark Ruffalo (Shutter Island, 2010) plays his father while Jennifer Garner (Elektra, 2005) plays his mother.

The Adam project

Yes OK Free Guy It offers spectacle, part of what makes the film so endearing is the emotional touch of its story. Levy taps into the humanity factor at the heart of that story. He’s no stranger to more emotional movies like There you go (2014), and has been handling science fiction stories from the children’s point of view as executive producer and director in Stranger Things de Netflix. The Adam project It seems like a good combination of the filmmaker and the material.

There is no trailer or release date confirmed yet.

Free Guy can already be enjoyed in theaters, although it is still awaiting a release date in Disney+.