‘Pretty Woman’ hides an error only visible to the smartest

It is very likely that you have seen this movie thousands of times, but have you noticed this detail?

Pretty Woman, the famous comedy starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, which became a hit in the 90’s, and that it became the perfect springboard to make the final leap to fame for the young actress at that time.

Over the years, the film directed by Garry Marshall has become an icon of cinema, turning different scenes or even its soundtrack in classics of the collective imagination. All this thanks to the thousands of times you have been able to see this film open, and thanks to this fact it has passed from generation to generation.

And, although we know that it has not aged as well as its protagonists would have liked, everyone knows beautiful woman. Just as it is almost impossible not to know of its existence, surely it is almost unlikely not to know the dialogues of its main sequences.

But like so many other movies, beautiful woman also has small bugs. Errors that have crept into some of its most emblematic moments and that you may not have noticed. What will it be? You will ask yourself. Next we are going to show you the image of the scene in question.

beautiful woman

Do you know what scene this image corresponds to? It is the sequence in which Edward and Vivian share a breakfast and begin to get to know each other better, and in the image that you can see above, the character of Roberts is eating a pancake. However, just a few seconds before Vivian something different appears.

We show you below the image in question to see if you manage to notice the little rabbit.

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beautiful woman

A croissants or rather, a pancake is to blame for this little mistake. The sequence in question lasts 52 seconds, and in the second 20 Vivian is starting to eat a croissant until in the second 40 appears biting a pancake. Have you ever noticed this rabbit or has it caught you by surprise?

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‘Pretty Woman’ hides an error only visible to the smartest