“Predator: the prey” already has a premiere date on Star +

The science fiction thriller is set in the 16th century, exactly in the days of the Comanche tribe as a powerful nation. (Star Plus)

The acclaimed sci-fi franchise explores the events leading up to all four films in Predator: the prey (prey). Directed by Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane), the film delves into the origin story of this universe’s greatest antagonist and reveals the reason behind his first landing on Earth. The plot is set more than two centuries before the original 1987 film in which he starred. arnold schwarzenegger.

It is the year 1719, a time when the Comanche tribe occupied part of the region of the United States, but an event subjects its inhabitants to terror and fear. Naruto, a strong and skilled warrior, makes an important discovery: a rare prey in the animal kingdom. In reality, the newly discovered creature is an evolved alien possessing highly advanced technology that will allow it to defend itself against all attacks.

“Predator: Prey” explores the origins of the film franchise’s villain. (Star Plus)

The return of the film series introduces us to the first member of the species of Predator who came to Earth and settled there with the aim of evaluating human beings. An initial glimpse of the film appeared in May of this year and showed how this plot has been contextualized in the time of the Native Americans and lacks elements such as conventional firearms, bombs, etc. Instead, the alien’s opponent will be a young woman armed with a bow and arrow.

Predator: the prey It was written by patrick aison and filmed under the direction of Trachtenbergwho has kept secret the details about this mysterious project based on the franchise created for the cinema by Jim Thomas Y John Thomas. The cast is made up of Amber Mid Thunder as Naruto; Dane DiLiegro like the Predator; Y dakota beavers like Taabe. Other participating stars are Stormee KippMichelle Thrush Y Julian Black Antelope. It is a production developed through 20th Century Studios.

Amber Midthunder brings to life Naru, the young Native American girl who will face the alien creature. (Star Plus)
Amber Midthunder brings to life Naru, the young Native American girl who will face the alien creature. (Star Plus)

When will it premiere? Predator: the prey in Star+?

The science fiction film can be seen in streaming worldwide from next August 5. In the case of the United States, it will be available in Huluwhile, for Latin America, it will arrive from that date on Star+. Previously, it will have a premiere and screening on the big screen at San Diego Comic-Con on July 21. It’s an R-rated title, the director confirmed a month ago.

According to the order of the saga, Predator: the prey It consists of the fifth installment and the first to delve into the character’s past. The development of this idea began in 2018 while the production of The predatordirected by Shane Black and written by him in collaboration with Fred Dekker. Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay, Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn, Thomas Jane, Alfie Allen Y Sterling K Brown were the actors summoned back then.

Official poster of the premiere of "Predator: the prey". (Star Plus)
Official poster of the premiere of “Predator: the prey”. (Star Plus)

Without telling too much, the trailers and brief previews of the prequel convey a very different aura from its predecessors and it is understood that it will have to detail the reasons for the Predator to attack planet Earth in the future. Furthermore, she promises to show a female character who does not follow the rules set for women in her community and will set the goal of being a brave hunter.


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“Predator: the prey” already has a premiere date on Star +