Platinum Awards 2022: Peru wins the award for Best Animated Film for “Ainbo”

Peru makes history in the , delivered in Madrid, Spain. “Ainbo: the warrior of the Amazon”, released in Peru last 2021, won the award for Best animated film delivered at the IFEMA Municipal Congress Palace, in the capital of the Iberian country.

“First film I make. I am not an animation director per se, but it was a spectacular challenge to be able to tell, through this film, the life of a wonderful country like Peru; the life of the Amazon”, indicated José Zelada, director of “Ainbo”, who took the stage with his brother, the producer of the film César Zelada.

I dedicate this to my mother, to Sandra, she is a native Amazon. She is Ainbo. She inspired me to care, she taught us to live, to walk, to feel the jungle. And she also dedicated it to those brave men, women and children of the Amazonian tribes, especially the Shipibo-Conibo tribe where we are from; that every day they have to fight and see how they lose part of the paradise where they live because of illegal mining. It was truly a challenge and an honor to be able to transmit and narrate with this film and to make those who are coming up, to understand, to give them a message of truth about what the Amazon is and that they know our land from this film. Thank you very much”, added the filmmaker.

“Ainbo” competed for the statuette with films like “Bob Cuspe: Nós Não we like people” (Brazil), “Save the tree [Zutik!]” (Spain) and “Valentina” (Spain).

The plot: “Follow the epic journey of a young heroine and her spirit guides, Dillo, a cute and funny armadillo, and Vaca, an oversized tapir, as they embark on a quest to save their home in the spectacular Amazon rainforest..”

A gala marked by support for Ukraine

The Platinum Awards gala launched a message of support for the Ukrainian people and in favor of world peace by playing with the colors of the Ukrainian flag. Two of the presenters of the gala, the Mexican actress Karla Souza and the Spanish Álvaro Morte, were revealing “secrets” that were hidden under the seats of the guests of the ninth edition of the event.

Morte asked the Argentine Joaquín Furriel to open a hidden box under his seat; in it, a watch, showed the actor, “to look with hope to the future”, explained the “professor” of “The paper house”. Under Luis Tosar’s chair, a poster was discovered reading “PEACE” in fifty languages; Maribel Verdú took out another package in which there was an old key “to decide which doors we want to leave permanently closed,” Souza warned.

Under the position of Mercedes Morán there was a pen, because, Souza said, it symbolizes the power that “you have to decide what to tell, and bring culture to everyone.” At that point, Morte asked all those attending the gala to take out from under their seats the cardboard that had been hidden there from the beginning, blue and yellow colored paper that, when raised with their hands, composed a phrase: “Iberoamerica for the peace”.

The United States ambassador to Spain, Julissa Reinoso, who awarded the Platinum to cinema and education in values, also wanted to remind “Those Ukrainian women who are living a brutal war (…), a completely arbitrary and illegal war”. (EFE)

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Platinum Awards 2022: Peru wins the award for Best Animated Film for “Ainbo”