Pedro Infante: The strong reason why he did not drink alcohol

Pedro Infante He was one of the biggest stars in the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, Well, the movies he starred in are still remembered. Many fans have it in mind for the characters of singing charro who liked to go to bars and “have a few drinks”, however, in real life this image did not coincide with the personality of the actor, since he didn’t like to drink alcohol. The reason why he did not do so caused speculation to be unleashed, however, it was a friend of the “idol of Mexico” who revealed the true reasons.

Pedro Infante Cruz, the actor’s full name, was born in Mazatlan Sinaloaon November 18, 1917. He began his career as a singer in his native state, but traveled to Mexico City to seek better opportunities; it was at that moment that started working as a film extra, being his first film “On a donkey three baturros“, 1939it was not until four years later that the artist had his first important role in “The Flower Fair”It was like this that he had a rapid rise in the industry and soon got leading roles.

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Pedro Infante did not drink for this reason

Although in several films in which the interpreter of “One hundred years” and “Sweet heart” drinks alcohol, some people claim that in real life the actor did not. Whether at social events, meetings with friends or family, the protagonist of “Tizoc“I didn’t drink, so many they thought he had health problems that made him avoid drinking liquor, while others talked about his life habits, since Infante was very disciplined in sports, however, the real reason was much deeper and had to do with his family.

According to Michael Laraa friend of the singer who always shared his anecdotes with him, Pedro told him that he did not like to drink alcoholic beverages due to the bad experiences he had with his father Delfino Infante Garcia, who had problems with his way of drinking, because according to what he said in an interview, all the money he earned was spent on bottles of liquor, something that was very engraved on the leading man of the Golden Cinema.

Pedro Infante He had a large family, since he had 14 siblings, so he faced precariousness, he even had to leave school to start working and support his parents. In the meantime, his father was a musician and belonged to an orchestra who performed in bars and nightclubs, so his profits were spent on drinks, leaving his family without a livelihood, so his mom, Refugio Cruz Aranda, better known as Doña Cuquita, she had to manage to make a living and give something to her little ones.

Pedro Infante drank very few times

The artist refused to get drunk, Just as his father had done, however, there were special occasions when he took the opportunity to have a few drinks. According to several anecdotes from the time, one of them was when he lost a nomination for a ariel award. At that event, they ordered a round of drinks to raise everyone’s spirits and that’s when the protagonist ofe “School of vagabonds“He joined the celebration of others who did take the statuette.

Meanwhile, the version that ensures that Pedro Infante did not drink due to his disciplinecould be true, because two of his wives, Irma Dorantes and María Luisa León, recalled that the singer and actor was a person who he liked to exercise and maintain a healthy body, so he had habits such as going for a run at 5:00 am, as well as riding a bicycle for hours through the streets of the city.

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Pedro Infante: The strong reason why he did not drink alcohol