Paul Verhoeven denies tricking Sharon Stone into showing her vagina in ‘Basic Instinct’: “I knew exactly what we were doing”

The actress Sharon Stone published his memoirs this past March. In them he revealed that paid Leonardo DiCaprio’s salary on ‘Quick and deadly’ because the study did not want to do it, but also claimed that they tricked him into showing his private parts in one of the most remembered scenes of ‘Basic instinct’. Now, Paul Verhoeven, director of the film, has taken advantage of the presentation in Cannes from ‘Benedetta’ in order to deny that that happened.

Contradictory versions

Stone commented in his memoirs that he only took off his panties because Verhoeven told him that it was reflected in the light so the public would know that he was wearing them, finding out everything shortly after: “I went to the projection booth, slapped Paul across the face, left, went to my car and called my lawyer“. Sin embargo, Verhoeven remember what happened very differently:

My memories are radically different from Sharon’s. That has nothing to do with the wonderful way she played Catherine Tramell. She is completely phenomenal. We still have a cordial relationship and we exchange text messages. But his version is impossible. He knew exactly what we were doing.

I told him it was based on the story of a woman I met as a student who regularly crossed her legs without panties at parties. When my friends told her that they could see her vagina, she said “Of course, that’s why I do it.” So Sharon and I decided to do a similar scene.

Taking into account how diametrically opposed both versions are, it depends on each one to believe one or the other. What is clear is that it is an iconic scene that he continues to talk about almost thirty years after the premiere of the film. In fact, Stone herself acknowledged in her memoirs that when she reflected on what happened, one of her main conclusions was that “I knew what movie I was making“, which it’s nor does such a hoax justify having actually happened.

Via | Variety