Paul Stanley turned down role for film by Alejandro González Iñárritu for this reason | VIDEO

Alexander Gonzalez Inarritu he is an internationally recognized filmmaker, producer and screenwriter, therefore, many actors and actresses would be willing to work with him; however, there are some stars who have had the luxury of rejecting it to the surprise of locals and strangers.

This was the case for Paul Stanley who confessed on the show pinkie promise who had the opportunity to do a casting for the winner of four Awards Oscarin what seemed to be for his new movie “Bardo”. However, she mentioned that she was unaware that the test was being done for one of her characters.

After two weeks, they called the driver to ask him to imitate Chabelo. “In the last stage they told me it was for an Iñárritu movie. It’s sure to be the one that will come out this year because they filmed on Televisa and everything,” he told carla Diaz Already omar shortywith whom he was talking.

What did Paul do when he got the good news?

To his good luck, a few days later the manager of the son of Paco Stanley gave him the good news that he had kept the role. However, his work started from the following two days. The problem was that she had many commitments at the door.

Paul Stanley He assured that among other things he had to do, he had to attend to his position in the morning Today. Certainly, many people agreed with shortywho scolded him for having let go of a golden opportunity like the one that was presented to him.

“These are opportunities that are not let go,” he yelled at him while asking if someone did not let him go.


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Paul Stanley turned down role for film by Alejandro González Iñárritu for this reason | VIDEO