Pancho Villa: This is the lost film he made when he was a Hollywood actor

Pancho Villa, a Mexican soldier known for being one of the main leaders of the Mexican Revolution, was not only a revolutionary, he also became an actor. In the Golden Cinema erathis historical period of the country was one of the main topics that were addressed in the black and white tapes.

Originally from Durango and nicknamed the “Centauro del Norte”, Pancho Villa He was commander of the Northern Division, one of the most important armies of the revolutionary period. However, he died during an ambush in the state of Chihuahua; the name of him rea el Dorothy Arango.

But apart from the militia and the Revolution, Francisco “Pancho” Villa He was also an actor who managed to make it all the way to Hollywood. His acting debut was with a feature film about his life, for which he received a good amount of money.

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Pancho Villa: From revolutionary soldier to Hollywood actor

It was during 1014 that Pancho Villa He was known in the Mexican territory due to his actions in the Mexican Revolution. However, the company Mutual Film Corporation He decided to contact the soldier and portray his life in a documentary and take his battles to the big screen with “The life of the General Villa“.

The “northern centaur” He accepted the offer, since the payment would be for 25 thousand dollars that he would use to buy weapons and ammunition. Northern Mexico became the set for the pancho villa movie. But, the production had difficulties shooting the feature film, since the equipment at that time was too heavy to follow the movements of the battlefield and they needed daylight to shoot.

Also, they had to stay away to avoid crossfire, so they decided to change the plot. Instead they decided to make a film based on Pancho Villa, where the soldier would interpret himself as a hero who punished the feds who abused his sister. However, it did not reach the big screen, as the records of the footage were destroyed and there are no records of the film.

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Pancho Villa: This is the lost film he made when he was a Hollywood actor