Osvaldo Benavides and Ludwika Paleta talk about the death of the actors of ‘Wedding Night’

  • Antonio Curiel Pérez and Luis Manuel Gutiérrez Saldaña, extras in the film ‘Wedding Night’, lost their lives in an incident on a beach in Oaxaca.
  • Osvaldo Benavides and Ludwika Paleta have shown solidarity with the families of the deceased.
  • The actress indicated that the incident occurred outside the recordings.
  • The actor pointed out that, probably, the insurance cannot help the victims, because the accident occurred outside of working hours.

After what happened, both celebrities have sympathized with the relatives of the deceased and assured that they are supporting them in “everything that corresponds”, as it has been a “very sad” event for everyone.

“If they are worried about their relatives, let them know that we are supporting them in everything that corresponds to us”Benavides indicated in an interview for various media outlets.

Meanwhile, the actress stressed that this situation has been “very unfortunate” for all those involved in the project, despite the fact that everything happened outside the recordings.

“Well, with such unfortunate news, an accident that was tragic for two people close to the production. Despite the fact that the accident happened outside the recordings and at another time that was not on set, well, obviously, it came to us move the floor everyone”he stated.


For his part, the actor indicated that he does not know many details of the investigation, however, he stressed that, since the deceased were not working, the insurance could not support them. However, he reaffirmed that they are doing “everything in their power” to help.

“They were not working, the insurance covers even the work, that is what I understand, I am not a specialist. We have really done everything in our power to support the families, there are still our people in Huatulco doing what has to be done,” pointed.

Wedding night

Finally, he expressed the great esteem he had for the victims, with whom he worked for six weeks, for which he asked for respect for their memory, as well as for their families: “Above all, I would like to respect the pain of the family and the people close to them.” concluded.

Osvaldo Benavides and Ludwika Paleta

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Osvaldo Benavides and Ludwika Paleta talk about the death of the actors of ‘Wedding Night’