Oscar 2023: What are the awards made of and how much are the statuettes worth?

A few weeks after the start of the most important film event worldwide, the awards ceremony much expectation is generated around who will be the nominees for this new gala, whose main ceremony will be next Sunday, March 12, in Other curious details also generate intrigue on the part of lovers of the seventh art.

For many moviegoers, it is very curious to know what the statuette that is awarded prizes at the Oscars is made of, how much it weighs and how much it is valued at. We will solve this and more questions below.

The golden figure is one of the most desired gifts for those characters who are dedicated to the world of cinema, both for those who appear on the scene and for those who do all the work behind the scenes and in post-production.

The main objective of the Oscar award, whose figure represents a standing armed hair holding a sword over a roll of five-spoke film, is the recognition that the Hollywood Academy itself grants to talent.

From its origin, the statuette was made of solid bronze, but bathed in a layer of gold. However, this composition did not last long and then a new combination was chosen, which gave a more polished and elegant result. During the war years (1942 and 1944) a change was made to the statuette, using plaster for its manufacture.

Currently, the Oscar statuette is made of a material called britannium, which is a metal alloy made up of copper, tin and antimony, as well as a layer of 24-carat gold-plated. Now, the Oscar figure measures just over 34 centimeters and weighs about four kilos.

How much does an Oscar statuette cost?

This is another of the questions that is asked the most and to the surprise of many, the statuette costs only one dollar. Despite this low cost, the Oscar statuette is not for sale. In addition, the winners sign a clause that, if they want to get rid of it or sell it, they have to immediately deliver it to the Hollywood Academy.


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Oscar 2023: What are the awards made of and how much are the statuettes worth?