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“Stranger Than Fiction” is more than an underrated Will Ferrell movie, with this phrase describing how events in our reality often seem to exceed what our imaginations can conceive. A recent example of this was the slap gave the comedian in the middle of the ceremony an act that if it were part of a movie would be criticized for being crude and unrealistic, but millions of people saw it live on March 27.

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But, showing that fiction is not so far from reality, an incident with some similarities occurred in perhaps the most remembered program starring Will Smith: “The Prince of Rap”.

It was the 17th episode of the fifth season of the series, entitled “Will is from Mars” and which initially came out on February 20, 1995. In the episode, Will and his new fiancée Lisa – played by Nia Long – go to a couples therapy session while they try to solve their relationship problems and choose a date for their wedding.

In the “Fresh Prince” episode “Will Is From Mars,” Will Smith’s character physically assaults – with a foam bat – an antagonistic participant in a couples therapy group played by Sherman Hemsley. (Photo: NBC)

It is there that Will falls before the provocations of another of the attendees -played by the renowned comic actor and musician Sherman Hemsley- and ends up resorting to violence after being insulted. At the end Lisa also faces the provocateur’s wife (Isabel Sanford), causing a brawl among all those present.

Reasonable similarities

Despite superficial similarities between the episode and the Oscar incident, there are an equal number of differences between the two: it is so the joke that triggers the fury of the character played by Will Smith is not an insult to his wife/fiancée, but to his mother; aggression is not done with fists, but with foam bats; and, finally, the brawl is celebrated by the couple as a display of the strength of their relationship and not the implosion of the career of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

And while there was initially a certain triumphant attitude to Will Smith’s actions – with his son Jada famously tweeting “This is how we do it” shortly after his father’s assault on Chris Rock – in the days following the incident the family of actors changed the script, with Jada Pinkett calling and Will himself finally doing .

The consequences of the slap have not been light for Smith, who to his prestigious place as a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, . His actions also caused a rift in the midst of Hollywood, with people supporting him, others finding his actions unacceptable to him, and a third group wanting to put the brawl behind them as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Chris Rock has seen a renewed interest in his work following the slap, with his international tour experiencing after the incident. At the moment, the comedian has not given a definitive statement about his thoughts on the case, stating only that “”.

Interestingly, Chris Rock and Will Smith . It was a chapter of the sixth and final season of the series where the comedian played the double role of a famous comedian as well as his less attractive sister Jasmine, whom Will had to take on a date to woo the support of the relatives. of the.

And while the two celebs appear to have had no further collaborations to date, they have both been frequent visitors in their work circles, not least due to the fact that Chris Rock and Jada Pinkett Smith were in the cast of “Madagascar.” If the relationship between the two will one day heal and they will manage to share a screen in the future, it is difficult to predict, but as the Argentine writer José Narosky said: “One hundred caresses do not erase a slap”.

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Oscar 2022: Did the “Fresh Prince” Predict Will Smith’s Hit on Chris Rock? | Jada Pinkett Smith | Oscar | Oscars | Oscar Awards | TVMAS