One more Latina in Hollywood! Verónica Montes makes her way into the film industry

  • Vero Montes has worked on several novels since 2008 such as What a beautiful love, Forever my love, Love without reservation, among others.

The pretty model who participated in Nuestra Belleza Latina in 2009, Vero Montes is making its way into hollywoodsince according to a person close to the actress, she told us that she is about to film a film in English with a renowned production house and first-class actors.

According to the information that the Peruvian actress has leaked, she has already been living in Los Angeles for three weeks, where she has been seen rubbing shoulders with some of her fellow actors.

It is rumored that Vero went to live in Los Angeles for three weeks to adapt to the country and start working on this project that puts her on the list of one more Latina in Hollywood. / Courtesy of actress Vero Montes

In this tape as the renowned actor Steven Seagal, famous for his films Nico, is also the singer and actor Nick Jonas, who is recognized for the films Camp Rock, Band in a Bus, Les Miserables in Concert: The 25th Anniversary, Jumanji : Welcome to the jungle, Chaos Walking, among others.

In addition to the actor Tames Hassan who participated in The Calcium Kid, The Football Factory, The Business, among others.

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Vero Montes is a Peruvian actress who began working as a model from a very young age. At nine she studied dancing and acting and at ten she went to live in Miami. She debuted in the novel Amor comprado, Perro amor and Eva Luna.

He also worked on some series such as El señor de los cielos, La Piloto, La doble cara de Estela Carrillo, Parientes a la fuerza and Amores que engaña en el 2022.

He had already participated in the cinema as in appointments: Mía, Account pending, How to film a movie so as not to die trying, Password, among others; although this is the first time that she has done it in the mecca of Hollywood cinema.

Vero Montes actress

The beautiful model has also been seen close to the actor Tamer Hassan who supposedly also works in this film / Courtesy of the actress Vero Montes

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One more Latina in Hollywood! Verónica Montes makes her way into the film industry