Olga Kurylenko wants to return to Marvel Studios

Olga Kurylenko’s participation in Marvel Studios was brief but intense, so it would be a good idea if we get to see her again.

Attention SPOILERS. One of the great surprises he prepared Marvel Studios For the movie Black widow was the identity of Taskmaster. Beneath the mask was Antonia, Dreykov’s daughter, played by Olga Kurylenko. Although he did not speak, his character is impressive enough for them to continue developing their story.

In a recent interview they asked Olga Kurylenko if you would like to return to Marvel Studios and his answer leaves no room for doubt.

Let me think about it. I’m not kidding. Yes of course. Of course. I think it is important and it is closer to reality and how things are going in life. And also more credible. I think it makes the two characters more interesting. Because no one is just good or just bad and therefore good people, even when they try to do something good, just make mistakes. We all make mistakes, even the superhero makes mistakes. And it makes Natasha more complex. It is not all perfect. Since it would be boring, right?

Where could the character fit in?

If Marvel Studios decide to return Olga Kurylenko like Antonia Dreykov, the normal thing would be for it to be in the movie Black Widow 2. Where Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) will show that it is the successor of Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson). Although it is not necessary to rule out that they form some group of Russian heroes and we can see it together with Alexei / Red Guardian (David Harbour).

While Marvel Studios decide what plans you have for the character, the actress Olga Kurylenko continues with his film career and we can see it in White Elephant, where a former Marine must fight against his conscience and his code of honor when forced to do things for the mob. Jane Millen which is about a veteran police detective who is assigned to a murder case that seriously affects his personal life and ultimately Bear Season, a story about a boy, his drunken uncle who is always making up stories, and a bear that may or may not exist, and the desperate need to believe in something.

The movie Viuda Negrwhere does it appear Olga Kurylenko can be seen in the Disney Plus streaming platform.

Article: Soure