Octavio Ocaña’s illusion that YES was fulfilled; It was one of the last joys of the actor from Neighbors

It’s not a secret for fans of the show. “Neighbors” that Octavio Ocaña, who played Benito Rivers, I was a fan of Cruz Blue; However, what not many knew was the level of passion he felt for this team.

During an interview he had with the cast of the show “Tell me now! “, the young man was part of a game in which he was asked about his preferences.

The production team already knew about the young man’s hobbies, so among the questions they asked him was if he preferred to see the The Mexican Futbol selection or his Blue Cross reached maximum glory, TRI through Cup of the World already Machine on the MX League.

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A Ocaña It was difficult for him to answer, but in the end he said that he would feel better if the celestial ones raised the cup that would make them participate in the greatest triumph in Mexican football.

On that occasion, the actor narrated that his passion for the shirt was not inherited, since his father felt a greater affinity for the Chivas of the Guadalajara.

The illusion that did come true

Octavio Ocana He was about to turn 23 on the following November 7, so he would have been in the world the same time as the Cruz Blue he had passed without becoming a champion.

Even though the last glass that I had raised The Machine Before the actor was born, he had arrived a year before he was born, he was convinced that the team could achieve the feat.

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The aforementioned interview in “Tell me yes! “It was a few months before the Cruz Blue will take the maximum victory on the field and, although he did not go to the stadium to celebrate, Octavio yes he was able to enjoy the meeting.

For this he went together with his girlfriend to a restaurant in the Town from Mexico, to which both arrived with team shirts and watched the entire game to be part of a historical event: the arrival of the ninth star to the T shirt.

With this, the actor was able to fulfill one of his greatest wishes, although the way in which he died condemned him to be left without others that were perhaps more important to him, such as marrying his girlfriend. mine Godinez, being a father, looking for an opportunity in soccer and continuing to enjoy the love that he garnered over the years with his work and charisma.

The actor was a fan of Cruz Azul.

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Octavio Ocaña’s illusion that YES was fulfilled; It was one of the last joys of the actor from Neighbors