Now she’s a redhead! Kristen Stewart reveals her flattering makeover in Venice

This September 1, the Venice Festival began, the prestigious film competition that has led to the return of the glamour of the red carpets and also of the guest trends that models, actresses and other personalities inspire that parade towards the Palazzo del Cinema. Yesterday, for example, those attending the first of “Parallel Mothers”, Pedro Almodóvar’s last film, they wore hairstyles for short or long hair that best fit with ball gowns: from the low bun with volumes by Penélope Cruz to the bob with tips inwards with which Georgina Rodríguez surprisedAlthough the cut was the work of a wig and soon after it would regain its usual length. However, a change of look that has been real is that of Kristen Stewart, who has attended the second day of the Mostra wearing a new hair color.


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In her brand-new redhead and a two-piece Chanel suit, Kristen Stewart has attended the Venetian film festival. After wearing an ash blonde that has helped her to get into the skin of Diana of Wales for the movie “Spencer”, the Californian has opted for a radical change with this color that favors her so much: “The peachy it’s a blorange, it moves between blonde and orange, and transforms our face thanks to the positive energy it brings “, explains Raquel Saiz, from Salón Blue by Raquel Saiz, who also highlights its comfort in color: “As it is not a blonde itself, its maintenance is easier. Orange makes it more manageable”. As a warning so that the sun does not degrade its brightness, “always apply sunscreen every day so that UV rays do not harm you, as well as a mask a week”, Saiz recommends to all those who are thinking of imitating the actress.


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As ideal candidates to dare with the Blorange, the director of the Blue Room recommends it to those who have a light base as was the case with Kristen: “Blondes have become the perfect base to mix with more striking tones and this combination, in addition, creates a good face effect, makes us happy and enthusiastic while being charged with light “, reveals the hairdresser about some of the reasons why this tone is so flattering.

Regarding the court, which has long carried on a pixie crested and let it grow to embody Princess DianaThe star is now opting for a medium length of hair that allows her to wear semi-updos like this one: with the side parting to enhance volume and delicately frame the face. The result is a tailored look for her fair skin that brings more light and sweetness to her features.

Article: Soure