Not everything is allowed to Tom Cruise: The ban on the actor in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ that left him without fulfilling one of his dreams

Years go by and the interpreter stops at nothing and no one when it comes to crossing limits.

Not everything is allowed to Tom Cruise The ban on
Top Gun: Maverick

Since Tom Cruise started the saga Mission Impossible For more than three decades, the actor in each new installment that has been starring has been adding an even more dangerous risk factor. From almost drowning while practicing apnea to jumping off a motorbike and paragliding, there is no stopping the interpreter (or yes).

When Cruise is on a set, the entire team is shaken by the crazy ideas and proposals that the actor launches in each new film he faces. At first it seemed to be only in the saga Mission Impossiblebut now, the Hollywood star has extrapolated this adrenaline addiction to other films that are not just this franchise.

The last title to live Cruse’s limit scenes in their own flesh has been Top Gun: Maverickthe sequel to the original film from the late 80s top gun. In it, Cruise returns to give life to , a pilot who has now become the instructor of the next elite of the air.

But beyond seeming that the actor was going to stay behind and give in to his efforts to star in all the action scenes that come his way, once again he wanted to join in and be the center of attention. But, impossible as it may seem, he doesn’t always say yes to everything Cruise asks for. During the filming of the film, the protagonist asked to be able to fly an F18 plane.

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In order for Cruise to pilot an F18, the film crew had to ask the US Navy for permission, to which the US Navy responded with a resounding no. The plane alone costs 70 million dollars, almost half the budget that has been spent on making this film: 170 million dollars.

However, if you have seen the movie you will know that the F18 appears in different scenes. For this, they were pilots of the Navy who piloted them. Unfortunately, the actor was left without that one big whim that, if gone wrong, could have ruined the production, but, given the green light to do so, would have been one more check on Cruise’s list of impossible things to do.

But, not only did the United States Army deny him one of his wishes, they also granted others. During the movie, Cruise performs an aerial maneuver that was not allowed and the production team had to ask the country’s Navy for permission again so they could do it. On this occasion, the actor had the green light to fly 15 meters above the ground and at more than 900 kilometers per hour.

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Not everything is allowed to Tom Cruise: The ban on the actor in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ that left him without fulfilling one of his dreams