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Little by little, and after the cosmic events of Avengers: Endgame – 95%, the Marvel Cinematic Universe begins to acquire a more supernatural dimension. A handful of magical characters are about to regain the prominence of the saga and one that is expected to be added to that list is Ghost Rider, which the fans are sure is played by Norman Reedus And, from his Twitter, it seems that he also wants it.

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After rumors surfaced about Marvel considering him the new Ghost Rider, fans of Norman Reedus, actor best remembered as the good old Daryl in The Walking Dead – %, took to Twitter their excitement about that possibility. This to such a degree that the actor paid attention and began to distribute “likes” to tweets that proposed it. Likewise, he ended up sharing a gif of himself, in the aforementioned show that made him famous, riding a motorcycle.

The actor has been a fan favorite for that character ever since he conquered them on the zombie show. In fact, many regretted that he was not given the opportunity to do so when the character joined the series of [entity_embed style=”link-tomatometro” id_entity=”313463″][Temporada] Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Season 5 (5)[/entity_embed]. That occasion was about another character who has worn the mantle of the burning skull and was played by the actor Gabriel Luna. Now it is worth wondering what will happen to him in the film saga.

As we mentioned, Marvel will be entering its supernatural dimension very soon. Not just with the addition of Blade, the vampire-human hybrid, and with Black Knight, a character from Kit Harington in Eternals, but also with the first appearance of Moon Knight in his series and the supposed adaptation of Werewolf by Night. In reality, it is even suspected that a specific group of magical heroes is being prepared that would include all of them.

The most logical option to join, if that is really the plan, would be Ghost Rider. As you know, the character is an antihero who sells his soul to Satan (later revealed to be Mephisto) and gains superhuman abilities in return. There are several versions of the paper that have different origins. It has already been previously adapted to live-action in the film Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance – 17% starring nothing less than Nicolas cage.

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There has been much speculation about the various cameos that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has prepared and that is why there are those who believe that we could see a version of Ghost Rider in that film. There is no evidence on this and the film already has a fairly large cast, so it is best to take everything with some skepticism. Although well if you do not get to debut there you can always do it in Moon Knight show that, apparently, will be Marvel’s first in 2022.

For now, you can watch the latest season of The Walking Dead in Star Plus, the same one in which Reedus continues to appear. As for the followers of the comic book firm, and its film saga, the sequel to Doctor Strange will hit theaters the first week of May, so we just have to wait to see what mystical surprises it brings with it.

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Norman Reedus and his fans want him to be Marvel’s new Ghost Rider | Tomatazos